Skyrise By:kellan Mcginiis

This challenge is a 1v1 challenge where the objective is to score the most amount in a given time. You can score points by getting blocks in the different layers of the structure at each end of the playing field. While trying to stop your opponent from scoring.

Rule 1. There is a space in the middle to cross over to the other side. You can not block that entrance, you will be disqualified

Rule 2. No pinning the other robot against a wall. You will be disqualified

These are the point values for each level

You are allowed to attack and disable the opponents robot as long as you follow the rules above.

( if you get the block all the under the first level you get 2 points)

5 real life concepts of ways to get a block in the air



Conveyer belt



Our strategy is to play little defense. This will maximize our pionts and give us the best chance at winning. We will use the claw and the plow to score as much as we can.

Stage 1. Our original plan was on one side to have a plow and attached to the other side a claw.

Stage 2. We moved the claw and the plow to the same side and tried to use it to push the blocks to the towers.

Stage 3. We removed the claw and focused on our plow making it the only way to score points.

Future. We plan to build and stronger more defensive bot and use speed to our advantage.

Our tenure in the was short lived after 2 quick losses in the first rounds. I wish we could've done much better.

I learned that:

I could've made a better autonomous program and taken advantage of the double points.

Our overall design could've been much better and a claw would've been very helpful.

We could've been much better with our time. We spent too much time on building our bot instead of autonomous and making sure it worked.


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