When Gandhi Nuked Me and laughed as my cities and People Burned

So one day I was playing Sid Meier's Civilization V on my computer. It is a 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, & eXterminate) strategy. The basis of the game is that you control a civilization based off a real world country and you have to guide it from the Ancient Era to the Information Era. I was playing as America which is suited for a Domination victory which means you have to capture the all cities that belong to your opponents. I was playing against Russia, China, & India but China and Russia had already been eliminated. I was pretty friendly towards India as I was planning my attack. We are in the Information Era and both of us had nukes so a Mutually Assured Destruction was possible if either of us dropped nukes. I was having a good time preparing for the onset of war when an alert popped up saying Gandhi declared war on me. In a blink of an eye I saw Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles armed with nuclear warheads racing towards my city. 12 ICBM's hit my cities.

Some Funny Images
On the way to kill you
Gandhi really likes Nukes
Funny Comic about Gandhi's warmongering.

Now to get sorta serious about why this happens. Gandhi's peace modifier was very set at 255 in the original civilization game so when he adopted a policy that gave him +1 peacefulness the game overflowed since computers cant count past 255 so it overflowed and the value was set to -1. This results in him being an extreme warmonger so he attacks everyone with nukes.

By Sai Ananthula

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Sai Ananthula

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