NIKE "To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world."


Founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports

Initially operated as a distributor for the Japanese Shoemaker Onitsuka Tiger

Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight- Creators of Nike

'Dimension 6,' original name for the company, however, later called Nike, pronounced as 'Ny Kee,' the Greek Goddess of Victory

The slogan 'Just Do It' was inspired by the serial killer Gary Gilmore who said 'lets do it' just before he was executed





Our ambition: Double our business, with half the impact.

unleashing human potential objective has been met by branching out to a variety of sports and achieving a place in the global market.

by end of 2013 the footwear company achieved a 13% reduction in carbon emissions per unit

reduced waste from finished goods by 8.6% against a 10% target,

Nike - ethical issues - Extreme exploitation such as hazardous working conditions, lack of living wage and benefits. Paid less and work overtime in order to reduce production cost. Problems started in 1991

1999 nike begins FAIR LABOUR ASSOCIATION - non profit group that combines companies and human rights and labour representatives to establish independent monitoring and code of conducts, minimum ages and 60hr work weeks pushing other brands to join.

2005 - first company to demonstrate transparency publishing a complete list of its contract factories,

in the same year it also published a CSR Report detailing pay scales and working conditions in it factories and admitting continued problems

as part of their creating a positive impact in local communities project, NIKE provide funding to community projects, school innovation projects to bring inspiration and help communities reach their greatest potential.

NIKE co founder is donating $25bn to charity to address climate change and aid in advance health research.

With a free Nike+ account, you have access to a variety of events and workout sessions in select cities around the world at no cost, such as endurance, mobility, strength sessions.

their role : committed to creating positive change around the world . Helping individuals stay active and live healthier lifestyles. They aim to bring inspiration to communities and engage with everyone.

Nike's Organisational Structure:

Nike has a geographical divisional organisational structure. This is based on the company's needs in its global organisation and regional markets.

Global corporate leadership.

Various geographic divisions

WHO DO THEY SPONSOR? WHO ARE THEY ASSOCIATED WITH? Micheal Jordan / Carl Lewis / Indian Cricket Team / Major Football Players - Ronaldo, Rooney, Zlatan / NFL all team uniforms / Mo Farah / 21 national basketball teams / Tennis - Rodger Freder / Many US Colleges

despite the fact that micheal jordan hasnt played basketball professionally since 2003, he still earns $60 million annually in royalties from nike, making him the biggest nike endorsement deal.

Lebron James: $30million, Cristiano Ronaldo $21.7million, Rodger Federer $12million YEARLY

Nike revenue in excess of $30bn in 2015

$6.2bn in sponsorships in 2015

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