Ches By goals

Be good person
Have good grades
Be nice
Be smart
Read a lot
Be green
Have friends
Get good sleep
Eat healthy
Have fun
Be outgoing
Take risks
Be brave
Be successful
Become eagle scout
Hug a panda
Be nice to brothers
Be financially stable
Try new foods
Be a well rounded person
Created By
Ches Weinfeld


Created with images by gill_penney - "Chengdu Panda" • kevin dooley - "Panda" • Pexels - "animal branch cute" • thuyhugens - "panda zoo nature" • violey - "library couples panda" • 1447441 - "red panda panda less pander" • Paolo Trabattoni - "Oso panda!" • Traveloscopy - "Panda" • Keith Roper - "Pandas 3" • Benoit Dupont - "Red Panda" • Pixel-mixer - "cute cuddly panda" • jaakko.hakulinen - "panda" • wwarby - "Panda" • Gellinger - "panda ailurus fulgens red panda" • skeeze - "pandas miniature exhibition" • janeb13 - "red panda little panda cute" • Lars Juhl Jensen - "Panda cub @ Atlanta Zoo" • Michael Ranzau - "Panda" • Michael Fraley - "San Francisco Zoo 202" • angela n. - "National Zoo" • angela n. - "National Zoo"

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