July 2018

Volume 3, Number 7

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field—Peter Adams


Jeffry Booher

Each month we hold an exhibition of photography where members share their work and get feedback from expert judges. It is the corner stone of the club and it is somewhat casual but I must remind everyone that we do have standards.

While the roots of our exhibition are the genesis for what the San Diego fair calls the International Exhibition of Photography, our paths have diverged somewhat in order for us to be more flexible in someways and more restrictive in others. In past exhibitions we have allowed for metal prints mounted on float mounts to be entered into the exhibit. We have allowed for wrap around canvas stretched over wood frames to be entered. We have allowed for images printed on wood to be entered.

My advice to you is—stop doing this. I know it may sound like a knee-jerk response to an artificial problem and we do not have an official policy regarding submitting works that do not conform to a traditional print standard but several eyebrows have raised over this practice and there are some good reasons to not do this:

  1. Logistically, these are terribly difficult for the curators to handle which requires special care—wood, framed and metal prints can damage other member's works if they are not handled properly. They, themselves, may also be easily damaged.
  2. Metal prints are generally presented with a glossy finish which is difficult for judges because it reflects the light making it impossible to judge.
  3. If a judge accepts a framed or float mounted print into the exhibit then we have no way to hang it. Our PEG display system does not allow for these types of images to be hung and we do not have the logistics to store them until the gallery is reset so you will need to take them home.

Finally, we have had some gaffs with respect to the rules for exhibition night:

  1. Front of board identification is not allowed. That includes watermarks and signatures.
  2. Mats must be black or white only. No exceptions.
  3. Please have your name and title on the back in the upper left-corner. Those without a name will be disqualified.

Everyone is special in their own way but let your work be the thing that you are judged by—not the mounting. As I wrote earlier in this column, we do not have an official policy on this. We are a print club, to be sure, but if it gets to the point where more people feel the need to stand out in this way and be treated special, then we will need to consider an official policy.

One final thought on exhibitions: we need everyone to have their prints in the submission bins by 6:50P on exhibition night. That gives the staff plenty of time to get things organized and weed out the images that do not conform...

● ● ●

Our Parent organization, the Southern California Association of Camera Clubs, will be honoring all who won an award at the fair this year by showing their images in the Foyer and Reception Galleries during the month of August. All ribbon winners will be honored for the month and, space permitting, Honorable Mentions will hang as well.

Please bring, or arrange to have someone bring, your winning images to the July critique meeting so that your image can be submitted and entered into the exhibit. There may not be space to hang your images if you do not get them in on time so do not let this opportunity to have your images hang in a second exhibit this year pass you by.

You may bring your ribbons to hang with your images but SCACC is asking that you bring and attach the Title Card that hung with your image at the fair—you know, the one next to the image with your name, title, description, and price... Title Cards will hang next to your images.

● ● ●

program news

The darkroom will be dark for most of July so you may enjoy the summer with your friends and family. Let us take photos and be merry but please remember to enter your award winning images in the July exhibition.

● ● ●

masked bandit

Every August we have a Weekend Workshop dedicated to Masking techniques in Photoshop and this year resident Masking Expert, Larry Vogel, is bringing us workshop filled with a host of new tools for masking in Photoshop. This is a limited enrollment workshop that takes place on Saturday August 11th at 9am so you must sign up in order to attend. Sign up early if you want to attend. There is one spot remaining for the workshop so signup today before it's too late!

● ● ●


The Quarterly Themed competition is giving rise to some new names and faces this year. Rick Phillips and Joyce Muscat have jumped out in front as we wind down the second quarter for the year. It was great to see so many visitors and newcomers participate in last month's show!

Congratulations to our 1st place winning entries

● ● ●

The competition is very close which means everyone is still jockeying for position to win the Harris Wallace and Pitt Warner perpetual trophies but we expect the next competition theme, Eyes, to be highly competitive!

club news

The club modernization of Officer Elections was approved at the June 18th meeting. Here is what the changes mean and how the changes impact the club:

  1. Effective immediately those directors who are not officers have been excused from the board of directors and will no longer be required to attend board meetings or entitled a vote at any meeting of the board of directors. That means that Ralph, Janie and Michael Fairbanks will no longer need to attend meetings.
  2. Elections have moved from November to October in an effort to serve more members. So the second regular meeting (critique night) in October will be preceded with an election of officers.
  3. This is an even-numbered year so the election will consist of the two offices: Secretary and Vice-President.
  4. Tanya Solorio has stepped into the office of Secretary but may be nominated to serve as Secretary since she was not elected to the office.
  5. An election committee will be established at the first meeting in September which is supposed to consist of the immediate past president (plus two other members.) Since our immediate past president has left the club, her predecessor, Terri Thompson, will fill that role.

● ● ●

madam secretary

Tanya Solorio

Tanya Solorio was appointed to the office of Secretary. Tanya steps in and takes over for Ruth Foelber who has moved on with her husband to Arizona. Thank you Ruth for all you did—we will all miss your minutes and photographs!

● ● ●


● ● ●

The next Interclub competition is July 17 so please send your images to submissions@darkroomers.com. Images submitted for competition must have been accepted into a monthly exhibition but we are taking anything that has been accepted since you became a club member.

● ● ●


Eileen Mandell

Our judge for July is Eileen Mandell. Eileen is an award-winning photographic and mixed media artist, well known for her nature photography and innovative work with alternative photographic processes and media. For Eileen, alternative media and photographic surfaces capture the life of the scene, creating a depth and richness that mirrors her love of nature and design.

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