Mississauga 2.0 Dillon -food protection, yaseen- energy and water specialist, jubran- transportation, jay- smart growth coordinator, ahbraham- waste management.

Food protection

-There are many ways for us to protect food for our future we need it for the residence to live healthy. Mississauga has many errors in food protection,Mississauga is a sub urban area which means that there are not many Farms so there aren't many food producing areas in Mississauga I think that we should build modern farms on top of buildings this won't take much are in Mississauga for the farms, we don't have much land so it is smart to build farms on top of buildings. Another way to protect food is to get fruits and vegetables that grow in people's backyards the food will go to waste if the residents don't make use of it it is smarter to get those fruits and vegetables from residents plants and sell them in stores this will find more food for our future. There are many ways for us to protect food for our future we need it for the , We need renewable sources to protect our food. We should be more dependable on ourselves in Mississauga and grow more food in Mississauga for people that consume it in Mississauga. We could grow fresh plants in gardens and fruits and vegetables. If there is no room we could build farms on roofs of buildings. We should also grow food in mass amounts so there is enough to sustain for us for a long period of time. Another way we can protect food is get the meat from animals in Mississauga, we should build farms and have lots of animals so they can keep breeding and we would get food from them, we can get meat imported but getting that extra meat from Mississauga would sustain for us longer, so we can eat meat products without depending on transports from other areas.

Energy & Water Specialist

By: Yaseen

i) What are the issues and problems that exist in Mississauga?

  • Mississauga is very blessed to be located near Lake Ontario.
  • Unfortunately in mississauga we take water for granted and use excessive amounts of water
  • much of it goes to waste.
  • We are blessed with a great resource such as water which many people do not have the access to.
  • Everyday families use excessive amounts of water for cooking, drinking, bathing, laundering and other personal uses in everyday lives.
  • With water there are also a small challenge in decontamination of the water.
  • We don’t realize people are dying of thirst around the globe.
  • For electricity we use excessive amounts
  • most of which comes from nonrenewable sources such as oil and gas which release
  • co2 emission and cause many problems such as global warming.

ii) How is the situation unsustainable in Mississauga?

  • Electricity and water are not renewable resources.
  • These situation unsustainable.
  • We use electricity for things not as necessary.
  • We are not concerned about the resources because we are not affected It will affect our future generations.
  • We use water and electricity - coming from nonrenewable sources

How do I Propose to make Mississauga more sustainable within my urban planning committee?

  • We can limit the amount of water used per property.
  • Have more disposal areas around Lake Ontario.
  • Have community clean ups.
  • Changing street light with led lights.
  • Reduce energy consumption and cost.
  • Use of renewable sources.
  • Solar panels will be placed on properties.
  • Use of more hydro electricity.


WHAT are the issues or problems that exist in Mississauga. And HOW is the situation unsustainable in Mississauga?

-Mississauga is growing at a rapid pace. 80% of Canadians live in urban areas. Canada is becoming a more car-dependent-country. More cars lead to more traffic. More traffic leads to more carbon emissions. Urban sprawl is cutting into farm and wild-land, which are being drained, cut and paved which is putting wildlife habitat and species into danger.

HOW do you propose to make Mississauga more sustainable within your urban planning committee.

-Turning land that we don't use into something else. Turning a dump into a golf course. Turning a bog that will be drained can be turned into a place where people can go canoeing or fishing. Instead of cutting down a forest to build a casino we can turn that forest into a park where you can go sightseeing.

-We should build building farther apart from each other. So that in that space we can build parks in the space. There will be lots of tree, sculpted bushes and grass fields and artificial ponds. Which can be a home for many animals. We can also build nice trails in forest.

-We have a lot of cars on the roads. If we can limit the numbers than that would lower the number of carbon emissions that go into the air and reduce traffic which gives stress to people. In the more populated parts of Mississauga we should have bike rentals similar to the one in Toronto. That would be good because there are less people using cars on the roads. Adding more buses would help too. People might not bus because they don't have a bus available to them. More buses can solve that. Making electric cars and hybrid cars more available can reduce the gas emissions.

-There are also many small actions you can take. If you are moving you can move to a place closer to your workplace or stores so you don't use your car as much. Riding your bike more and walking more often. Take place in projects that can help your community. Project like making fruit and vegetable gardens. Driving an electric car or a hybrid car instead of a gas powered car.

-Waste management expert- Turning dumps into something different like a park or golf course etc. This would help with the waste because we are getting rid of the garbage.

-Transportation planner- Bicycle rentals. The transportation planner could help me create a bicycle rental system similar to the system they use in Toronto. Making electric and hybrid cars more available to people.

-Energy and water specialist- Help me in making more fuel efficient cars.

Transportation problems in Mississauga

There are a few problems in Canada’s transportation, There no trains in Mississauga.The population in Mississauga has increased but the transit buses are always full and people have to stand while the bus is moving.They should have bike lanes and more bikes in Mississauga downtown.The transit buses are not clean.There should be more buses which go from city to city.People shouldn’t wait in the cold to get a bus.They should also expand the hours of service.

How to make Mississauga more sustainable

Now they are trying to expand the number of buses they have, so the system is faster.Mississauga are moving their buses out of the suburbs and trying to cover all the Mississauga. Mi way is also improving it’s app so it's easier for people to find the right bus.Mississauga is building the Hurontario light rail transit.There will be WiFi in the bus stations soon.People should be charged by distance, because it's not fair for the people who want to go for a few blocks and pay the full price.

Waste management

the issues of waste management in Mississauga is that we dump garbage in places and areas out every single day and we cannot manage it properly. Also the way we have manage the garbage is not working in our city and we put a lot of garbage in places it should not be. The reason why we put garbage in places were it should not be because we have too much garb age in our landfills and because of this problem it hurts our citizens. Also, this could affect Mississauga economy by spreading diseases because the waste will attract bugs and rats. by the way It could cause poison and pollution because since the food that we eat has chemicals and if we don't put it were it should be it could spread to the river and pollute it and then it would go to our water supply.

The reason why waste management is unsustainable In Mississauga because there is a lot of garbage that we produce and it goes to our landfills but our landfills cannot contain that much garbage so it could go to our local streets and beaches and the garbage could go every where.

The reason why waste management is sustainable is by reducing our garbage and reuse products that we bought and recycle our products. Also, people should often buy items that can be easily reused or recycled. Also we should go and tell people about what is happening in our ecosystem because of our waste and they could understand what they are doing wrong and when we spread the word more people would be inspired and start to put their products were it should and they will start reusing and reducing and recycle their products.


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