Nicolas Copernicus A brilliant scientist and a extraordinary man

Copernicus was born in February 19 1473 and his father died in the 1480's and had a bishop take on a parental role. He went to the university Cracow where he studied painting and mathematics. At the university Copernicus became very interested in the cosmos.
Copernicus lead the defenses against the Germans who had the Polish under siege this battle has become known as the Seige of Allenstein where the Germans wanted Copernicus surrender and with Knights coming to attack him he fortified the town and repelled the attacks of the German knights.
Copernicus is well known for figuring out that the earth rotates around the sun and not having the rotate around the earth which the Catholic Church was denying and saying god made earth the center of the universe. Copernicus also realized the earth spun on a axis he published all of his ideas in the book. The book explained in detail about the earth revolving around the sun and the axis, his book was published just hours before his unexplained and unexpected death.
Nicoulas Copernicus founded the quantity theory of money which states "money supply has a direct proportional relationship with the price level". This helps business predict profit and how much of a product is needed.
Nicolas Copernicus was a man who redifined the world and also gave us unknown and unappreciated gifts whether it be defending Poland or giving us an equation that helps show profit he was always changing the world one observation at a time.
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