Micah Wright Writer, Director, VR Pioneer, Propagandist

Micah Ian Wright is a writer, director, designer, artist, and composer who started in animation where he created, wrote, directed, and composed songs for shows like The Angry Beavers and Nickelodeon's first action show, Constant Payne. Micah has written, directed, or produced on over 50 videogames, including games in the Looney Tunes, Transformers, and Call of Duty franchises. His live action comedic thriller feature film They’re Watching opened in theaters in March of 2016 and is now on Netflix and on DVD. Micah is also a graphic novelist who created and wrote StormWatch: Team Achilles for Wildstorm/DC Comics. His recently published World War II graphic novel, DUSTER, is available for sale and is serializing online. His next graphic novel, Get Lucky, will be published next year. Micah's work in videogames led him into the world of Virtual Reality, where a project he consulted on for Samsung, theBluVR recently won two VR Proto Awards. Worst of all, Micah's standing right behind you as you read this! Quick, turn around! Save yourself!

They're Watching (2016)

They're Watching (2016) is a live-action comedy-thriller written & directed by Micah Ian Wright & Jay Lender. "When an American home improvement TV show visits a remote Eastern European village, the young crew thinks the lack of mocha lattés and free wifi will be the worst of their problems. But after their filming interrupts the superstitious villagers' private religious ritual, the situation takes a turn for the homicidal... and when the blood starts flowing, that's when things get really weird. With They're Watching, noted graphic novelists and animators Micah Wright and Jay Lender turn a classic horror premise upside down to create a fresh, funny, eye-popping twist on the genre."

They're Watching is available on DVD, iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, X-Box Live, and Netflix.


Micah has written and designed on over fifty videogames, including the $2.5 Billion grossing mega-hit Call of Duty: Black Ops II, as well as best selling games in the Transformers, Ratchet & Clank, and Looney Tunes franchises. For Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Zombies, Micah crafted the storyline for the game and wrote over 30,000 lines of dialog for the characters and NPCs.

As both a filmmaker and game designer, Micah has the dual skillsets necessary to create immersive Virtual Reality entertainment for devices like the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear. He recently won two Proto Awards at the Oculus Connect conference for his work on the Samsung Gear VR underwater ocean experience "The BluVR," (Best Mobile Experience and Best Educational Experience), and is working now on several unannounced VR projects including several music videos and short films. In Spring of 2016, he began teaching the world's first live action Virtual Reality film course at Emerson College Los Angeles.

Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in the dream-like majesty of marine life with theBlu. theBlu transports you into a gorgeous virtual reality experience that's not only interesting and fun but educational. How? By allowing you to live through the creatures in the ocean as they actually are, in their own habitat, untouched by humans - not in a zoo.


Micah's Mature Readers comic Stormwatch: Team Achilles, ran to high critical praise, and was collected into three trade paperbacks. Duster, Micah's most recent graphic novel was just released, and is currently being serialized online here. Micah's next book, Get Lucky, is currently in production.

All available now at Amazon.com!
The Propaganda Remix Project

The Propaganda Remix Project has been Micah Wright's political side project since 2001, wherein he pokes fun of modern politics, politicians, and our political culture. Micah has published 3 books of his posters and political commentary, the first of which, You Back The Attack, We'll Bomb Who We Want, features a forward by noted historian Howard Zinn and an introduction by novelist Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Micah's second and third propaganda books, If You're Not A Terrorist Then Stop Asking Questions, and Surveillance Means Security are available at fine subversive booksellers everywhere. Micah's satirical political art has appeared in The New York Times, The Nation, Sunday Guardian UK, The Boston Globe, the New Internationalist, the New Statesman, The Washington Post, and on the Fox News Channel (where they didn't quite understand that it was supposed to be satire). You can see over 1,000 of his images at PropagandaRemix.com and new pictures are posted first these days to the Facebook page.

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