The power of asking questions by Alba NIdia BAtista

“Blue is for boys, pink is for girls.”

“Women belong in the home.”

“Men don't cry.”

These are still very common beliefs in today’s society. Every day we are bombarded with information from TV, social media, books, the radio, even from our families and friends, yet how often do we question its truthfulness?

For a very long time the education system and society in the United States and Mexico has been focused on telling people how they should behave, how things are done and what is right or wrong, instead of guiding and encouraging them to find and understand things on their own. How can you be sure if what you know is the truth?

Quick example: What color is the rectangle below?

You will probably say green, but what if you were color blind? The fact that something is common or widespread doesn’t necessarily make it true or appropriate. In order to change, we need to start seeing things from different perspectives.

In the beginning of the HUBtalk on March 2 at Technology HUB, Mark Gabriel from the international organization Coaches Across Continents (CAC) posed this question to the audience:

“Why do you believe what you believe?”

He went on to telling everyone about how a long time ago, people used to know the Earth was flat until a couple of crazy ones started saying other wise and today we know the Earth is actually round. These “crazy” people refused to go with the norm and ended up breaking paradigms.

Emliy Kruger and Mark Gabriel from CAC giving a Hubtalk at Tech Hub. Some of the members of the Juarez soccer team (Bravos) joined the talk.

This is what CAC does; they challenge people’s view of the world and encourage them to think for themselves in order to change their environments.

And they do this through a Sport for Social Impact curriculum and a Self-Directed Learning Methodology.

Let’s look at the numbers:

Since 2008, CAC has worked in over 41 countries in every continent but Antarctica, has implemented 385 community partner programs, has over 18,000 community coaches and has positively impacted around 2,533,245 young people.

During a week-long training in Ciudad Juarez, CAC partnered with 44 different organizations that work with a total of 15,569 children.

CAC in Action, partering with the El Paso Health Foundation in Ciudad Juarez

In this interview Emily and Mark, both Coaches at CAC, tell us more about the organization:

We want to know your opinion about this topic. Send us an email and let us know what you think:


Alba is Storyteller at Technology HUB.

Contact her at: --> +52 1 656 611 11 11 ext. 157

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Cover picture: Glen Carrie - HUBtalk Pictures: Technology HUB - Pictures in Gym courtesy of CAC

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