Sconehenge logo design//Soroush amirostovar


"Sconehenge" is a coffee shop and a bakery which located in downtown Toronto. It founded in 2009 and became famous right after that because of its delicious breakfasts. It also known as European cafe of Toronto because of its interior design.




area of the cafe

Interior design of the cafe


Researches about the store front

snakes & lattes

Interior design of the place
Interior design of the place



Three roughs

Final drawing

Final drawing

Final work

Store front


The purpose of this project was to design a logo for a coffee shop called “Sconehenge”.But first we had to create a persona about the customers that are coming to this café. So I made up a guy who is an art director that works nearby the café. After that I did some researches about the actual Stonehenge to know an outline of it, because I wanted to have a symbol of it in my logo. Next I searched about the interior design of different cafés. I more focused on Parisian one because I needed a gesture of them. One of the other things that inspired me was a bored game café called "Snakes & Lattes" because of its service and the atmosphere of the place. Finally for designing the logo I came up with several different ideas but at the end I combined my three roughs to make my final work. So I used "Yasashii" font as the main text and instead of using the actual “H” in “Henge” I drew a piece of Stonehenge and eventually I put a frame around it just because it makes it better and more professional.


Created with images by Steve Snodgrass - "CAFE" • steve p2008 - "stonehenge"

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