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The Ganges River is a sacred place for the Hindus.They believe that it is the extension of God, Lord Shiva, so they view it as a divine image of higher power. The river starts in the center of the Himalayas, then flows through the north Indian plains. I could see that people used the river for irrigation, fishing, and transportation. The river is used for many reasons, making it a very important part of Indian life.

Hinduism has seven holy cities, I visited the city of Mathura. While I was there I learned that it was built on an underground prison, Krishna's birthplace. Krishna's birth was around five thousand years ago and Methura is still known and visited for it.


For some Christian history, I visited Jerusalem. Jerusalem is important to christians because it was where Jesus was brought as a child. Jesus was presented at the Temple and brought to festivals there.

I visited a church on my trip. The church had a large cross on the top of the building. Inside I met a priest and saw people praying. There were tall ceilings, wooden benches and crosses.


I visited Lumbini, Nepal because it is the birthplace of Buddha. I only saw monasteries there, no shops, restaurants, or hotels. At the Mayadevi Temple, people were chanting and meditating. The Mayadevi Temple was the birthplace of Buddha that I found very interesting.

I decided after I visited the start of Buddha's life, that I would finish where he ended his life, in Kusinara. I got to see a very historical sight of the Buddhist religion.


I visited the most sacred site in Islamic history, the Ka'ba in Mecca. The Ka'ba is a shrine that was built by Abraham around a black stone. I saw many Muslims praying at the site. The Ka'ba had lots of architectural importance for the Muslims.

Next, for some Islamic history I visited The Prophet's Mosque. It is located in Jerusalem and the third holiest sight in all of Islam. It is believed that one prayer in the mosque is equivalent to one thousand prayers. The mosque was extremely beautiful and a very sacred sight, but not as architectural as the Ka'ba in Mecca.


I traveled to the city of Jerusalem. I had heard there was a lot of sight seeing there and it really peeked my interest. The Temple in Jerusalem or Holy Temple was a series of structures which were located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem, the current site of the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque. The successive temple stood at this location and functioned as a site of ancient Israelite and later Jewish worship. This was very architectural for the Jews and a place of worship. They were all made out of stone and extremely beautiful temples. I would totally go back and recommend it!

The sacred sight I chose to visit for Judaism is called the Western Wall. It located at the foot of the western side of Temple Mount. It is significant because, it is the only remaining wall of The Second Temple, which was built on the site of Solomon's Temple. In ancient times the wall was the center of Jewish life, and still to this day it is considered a holy sight for Jews. It is a large rectangular structure topped by a huge flat platform and mostly made out of stone. These places were so fun to visit and you all should really check them out.


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