Boom To Bust project The 1920s-1930s

When the economy started to go down many businesses started closing and people started getting fired.

People had no money they couldn’t even buy food. They went to this place for free coffee and doughnuts because they were so poor.

Nearly 16 million people were unemployed and with being unemployed they did not have any money.

When president Roosevelt won the election he made up “The New Deal” which gave people hope that The Great Depression will end.

Franklin D Roosevelt was one of the best presidents to help the people during the time of The Great Depression. When he won he started off quickly. He made up “ The New Deal” this helped people have hope that all this catastrophe will end and life would get better. With Franklin's confidence He will have them believe it is true.

When hoover was still in charge he refused to pay the soldiers the money he promised so it caused a fight between the White House and the soldiers.Image result for army didn't get theirmoney in the 1930s

Families had to live in Hoovervilles which were unsanitary an dirty all because of the Great Depression.

he poor people had to move into Hoovervilles. They also had to visit soup kitchens because they had no food or drinks to eat because they had no money.

The people had no money they had to sell many things like houses and even kids just for money and maybe to try and get a better life.

Without having any money and no where to work it then affects the way they live.

Families started leaving home in search for a better life and better opportunities for them.

Fdr took office during the 1930s and actually tried to help the people unlike Hoover did.

During the time people wanted to get the depression out of their mind so they went to the movies so they can relax and enjoy something. Image result for dance clubs in the 1930s

With being unemployed they did not have any money to have fun which affected their leisure time.

People also went out at night to dance with friends and have some fun and to dance their trouble away. Image result for speakeasies in the 1930s

At night they went to speakeasies where they could drink all night though they knew it wasn’t allowed, but people did it anyways.

During the 1930s this movie “King Kong” was a famous movie people l;iked to go and see when they went out to the movies.

Image result for Hoover in office in the 1930s. Hoover in office for 7 months at the time of the crash. His failure responded to the great depression.

Lassez Faire policy that characterized the 1920s would be abandoned as the optimism of the 1920s gave fear and depression.

Government began a rule to send immigrants back to Mexico.

The African Americans were treated different than the whites were. They received less financial aids than whites. They even worsened bad economic situation of the African Americans. It was horrifically hard for them to get by. They continued to prosper. To add on all of that the black business failed. With the Blacks not being able to work it will make it even harder for them to live and to get by.

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