Red Cross Diary Design 2017 JOurnal entry 1



Red Cross is an organisation that has a broad that provides daily needs such as food, water and shelter to people in need overseas and locally. Assists individuals when facing a crisis which can be a personal matter or a sudden a disaster.


The target audience is adults and possibly mature adolescents


A charity organisation will produce a diary for the sole purpose of individuals keeping a schedule of the profession or their studies. Additionally another motive will be to produce a diary for their own interests for people to further promote their business and gain more funds.


On the front and back of the diary cover, which includes images and text.


Time, technical and design specifications limitations




Oxfam Australia, [Image]. Retrieved March 22, 2017, from
Oxfam fair organic African coffee beans, [Image]. Retrieved March 22, 2017, from
Oxfam fair coffee capsules intensity #10, [Image}. Retrieved March 22, 2017, from

Idea Generation


Australian Red Cross, [Image]. Retrieved March 22, 2017, from

The logo of the organisation in design terms will add a focal point for the audience to automatically draw their eyes towards the symbol that represents the Red Cross.

American Red Cross/ Talia Frenkel, Port-Au-Prince [Image]. Retrieved March 22, 2017, from

This particular image of this girl who is 10 years old shows the audience what she is going through at her age. Moreover, the visible skin issues on her face along with her facial expression conveys a shock response towards audience. This further advances the targeted audience to volunteer themselves and aid worldwide individuals in privation just like her.

Australian Red Cross, [Image]. Retrieved March 22, 2017, from

The image with the use of the quote "Our world your move" triggers the mind of the audience to take action in order for change to occur in the world. By undergoing this decision will result many lives being saved and changed likewise will assist in better lifestyles.

Australian Red Cross, [Image]. Retrieved March 22, 2017, from

This image conveys the range of people red cross assists, the audience will feel a sense of reliability that red cross provides for people. It shows the organisation provides further assistance of emotionally supporting people when they are in need.


Red Cross. n.d. charity page. Retrieved from

Our world your move, [Image]. Retrieved March 23, 2017, from

Part A

For the diary cover I will incorporate design elements such as shape as a visual focal point for the audience to draw their eyes too and immediately get the message. Texture to add a bit of depth to certain objects and to appear more realistic. The use of space in a way to maintain balance and not to over crowd the cover. Colours that the red cross use and other colours to compliment with the overall work. For the principles of design the use of unity to make sure all visuals work together in harmony. The diary will use balance for the images and text to stand out together and not let one element overpower the other. Alignment is to be used to maintain a polish looking diary that looks connected with the elements. All these elements have been applied by creating the elements to balance each other and colours that are not over powering each other. Texture was used in the chess board and pieces to make them appear more realistic and glossy. Shape was used by the chessboard to emphasis the decision making.

Part B

By utilising a range of different media allowed me to test how the visual appearance looked like of the diary and if I was unsatisfied with the outcome I am able to alter it however I like. I realised using certain images from the net is not a good idea, instead I decided to create the images by drawing most of the objects and details. For my sketches, I utilised various design principle and elements to decide which draft will best suit the assessment. With all the elements, I have attempted to try different principles of design and to see how it would turn out and whether some elements are needed or not. Approaching the journal, I was going to first research a bit about the organisation in terms of what they use design wise and then create designs based on that. I found this approach ineffective since the ideas I have seen hinder my own capabilities as a result I wasn’t able to produce sketches that are from my ideas on the organisation. The diary in terms of purpose is indicated by the red cross logo, symbolism of the chess board representing ‘choice’ and the chess piece being red resembles an individual being different from the rest. In other words, the red piece shows it has “the power of humanity” and what will you do if you had that power’? By the visuals, it is showing the audience to act and do the good for humanity by assisting the Red Cross. The constraints in the design can be seen by the colour choice, limitations in terms of size and time. The final decision of the draft congregates the brief of the assessment, considering the design principles and elements. Refinements needed were the designs to rethink the choice of colour and move images to a different point to maintain the balance in the diary. Choosing the right typography for diary needed to be altered since the chosen one was a bit too skinny to see as a title on the front page of a diary. Instead I chose a font that is a bit more thicker and a little bolder to stand out of the front page.

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