Hades V. Robert De Niro Compare

Hades, the god of the Underworld, is a gloomy, dark, unhappy god.

Hades hides himself under his helmet that renders him invisible.

Likewise, Robert De Niro is hidden in his life. He won't even answer his own phone; De Niro is a huge mystery

Hades and De Niro both are a mystery to the public. No one ever sees hades and no one knows where De Niro is. “Bobby never answers his own phone, and he calls you—you never call him.” De Niro has very few interviews because of the attention.

Hades lives in a golden palace surrounded by lava with his wife for three months and for nine moths by himself
De Niro however, lives in house by the water with his wife year around.
Created By
Kenneth Buckley


Created with images by hjorleifur - "fire flames hot" • LoggaWiggler - "fire burn hell"

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