Elements of Desighn By David BeltraN



Diagonal line: Suggest motion.

Gesture Line: A line that shows action or dynamics of a pose.


Distortion: To have a purposeful exaggeration of what is seen.

Idealism: To represent something as it should be.


Low Contrast: uses a narrow range of values meaning there is not much difference in the lightness and darkness

Value Contrast: is the relationship of one element to another in respect to lightness and darkness


Tactile Textures: are real, We can actually feel them.

Visual Textures: are illusionary. They give the impression of real textures.


Saturation: is the brightness or dullness of a color.

Value: is the range of lightness or darkness of a hue. Example: Light Blue, Dark Blue


Format: deals with size, shape, material, and purpose.

Contextual Constraints: can be where and how the designs will be seen. Magazines are seen up close Billboards are seen while driving and at a distance


Color: Complementary colors are easy ways to create contrast. Use colors that are very different from each other.

Shape: Use different shapes to create contrast


Font: such as poems can repeat constantly in iambic poetry in this pattern- a,b,b,a,b,a,b,b,a

Format: such as design of controllers for a specific console can repeat itself a lot.


Even when elements are physically separated from each other, if they are aligned there is an invisible line that connects them.

When items are aligned it creates a stronger, cohesive unit.


Group related items so the viewer sees them as one cohesive unit.

Items that are NOT related should not be close to other elements.

Created By
David Beltran


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