Martin Rollins

I am from the great industrial city Detroit Michigan.

At 18 I bought a Pentax K 1000 film camera and set up a make shift studio in my bedroom. I found I was drawn to inanimate objects, but not encouraged in this style of photography, I put it away.

I found it again later, and understood that it was less documentary and more need for an unmoored expression. Because of this photography is more representative of painting to me.

I see it as an expression of an inner directive. A guide of sorts that asks that you don't interfere with your politics or commentary. No outside assistance required. I see it as this message--untainted looking for safe passage into the world.

With this delicacy comes infiltration at times. I hope I hope for more safe passage.

I shoot mainly Film which includes Polaroid

Medium Format

Architecture and people have always been a drawn combination for me. Hard and vulnerable subjects.

Later I analyzed it as people distracted walking past beautiful architecture; lost in thought to notice like myself.

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Martin Rollins

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