"When in love, one must suffer" A common theme found in LitErature

This poem has the common theme of "when in love, one must suffer". This theme is shown because when John's lover left him he suffered and compared that to the recent rainy days.

This poem also shows the theme of "when in love, one must suffer". It's proven by the fact that Dorthy got her heart broken and described it as 'very bad'. It is also proven because she states that she broke a heart, which she thinks is terrible, proving that at least two people suffered in this scenario.

This is another piece of literature, poetry, that proves the theme "through love, one must suffer". This is shown theough the fact that Lang is wondering if he wrotte certain things if his pain would go away, removing the suffering he faced through loving someone.

This photo describes the theme because the younger lady loves the older on but will suffer when she dies.

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