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spaghetti bolognese

1. What does ‘pasta’ means? Why it has been called ‘pasta? 1 marks

A1- . Pasta is the most important food in Italy. It means 'paste' because it is a paste of water, flour and sometimes egg

2. Show 3 examples of pasta shapes including its name in Italian. 2 mark


farfalle - butterfly
fussili - spindles
spaghetti - strings

3. What is the original name for ‘spaghetti’? Recount how spaghetti becomes famous. 2marks

A3-The original name for 'spaghetti' was 'maccheroni.' The word 'spaghetti' actually means 'strings.'

chocolate crepes

1. What is crepe? Which country is crepe originated?

A1. crepes were originally made in France

2. What ingredients do you need to prepare sweet crepes?

A2. the ingredients that are used to make crepes are Flour, Egg, Icing sugar and milk

3. Suggest 2 toppings or fillings for sweet crepes?

A3 .The two suggestions as a topping for crepes are Nutella for the inside and Chocolate for the outside


1. Recount how ‘brownies’ were developed?

A1. someone used their cookie recipe but in a cube shape but without chocolate.

2. What is the difference between ‘blondie’ and ‘brownies’

A2. brownies are made with chocolate ingredients and blondies are made from vanilla ingredients

3. Suggest additional food items you would serve your brownies for dessert?

A3. cookies


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