Title XI's effect on female athletes Kevin J. Burton

Athlete of my choice: Simone Biles

Age:20, Began Gymnastics in the year 2003

Born in: Columbus, Ohio

Hometown: Spring, Texas

Simone Biles, still in her early twenties has set a precedent as one of the best, if not the best, gymnast in the United States. She proved herself at the 2016 Rio Olympics where she won a total of 4 Gold Medals which hasn't happened since 1974 with the Soviets.

Title 9 has had a great effect on the world of female athletes, because while it hasn't fully remedied the problems between men and women in sports, it is a huge stepping stone for women. Women deserve as much of a right to be able to play sports as men. Simone Biles is a great example of what women can achieve when they put their minds and bodies to the challenge. Gymnastics is a difficult sport but talented athletes such as her, prove that it can be easy with enough time and patience.

Title 9 is going to be the determining factor in how equality in sports will be seen in ages to come. It will determine whether women be be seen as competent contenders worthy of equal pay and respect or whether they will be stuck on the sidelines of their male peers. Simone Biles continues to inspire us and help us reach our dreams. She has recently started dancing on Dancing with The Stars an d was very excellent at it.

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