Ancient Egypt By ravi (a modern travel agent)

Hello esteemed ancient Greeks, I have great one time offer for you! I am presenting you an offer you won't be able to resist. I trip to Ancient Egypt. It was a place rich in culture and arts which I'm sure you will appreciate. As you would know Egypt is a friendly place for Greeks as their leader was once Greek himself.

You will be travelling there in your own private wagon. Once you arrive you will be staying in an amazing place right on the river Nile.

Here you will live in style, in these amazing palaces. In Egypt is that you will have double the amount of slaves that you have in Greece. It's magnificent.

You will live here in the company of the emperor Ptolemy the 3rd.

You will also be able to visit the amazing art work that Egypt has to offer. These artworks are very different to your Greek art work and I'm sure you will appreciate the beauty of such designs.

Pyramid of Giza

All together Egypt is a wonderful place that you should definitely visit. It's full of culture, luxury and extravagance. I hope you consider this amazing offer and make the journey over to this amazing country.

Thanks, Ravi

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