Zombie Bob VS Aliens Attack the City

Developed by Thomas Eggenberger, Alex Le, Hoang Huynh , Max Visockas
Zombie Bob finally killed all the zombies on earth, however his thirst for killing zombies has only grown. He is now searching every planet and space station in the universe to satisfy his dark desire for zombie blood.

Our Goal Of The Game

Take the best of each game and incorporate them into one game. Keep the shooting type of game style of both with inspiration from wizard wizard. Get one step closer to a more complete game compared to both of our original Alphas.

Aliens Attack the City

Game Characters

Original Zombie Bob Sprites

  • Created on Game Maker
  • Made one style of monster
  • 16x16

Original Aliens Attack the City Sprites

  • Created in Piskel (online application)
  • Researched different styles of art and decided that pixel art would be best
  • Originally 100x100, but resized down for Zombie Bob sizing



Crash Helmet


Arrow keys to move the Zombie Bob. Spacebar to shoot the bullet
Created By
Max Visockas


Created with images by Munir Hamdan - "Zombie Takeover" • Pexels - "code code editor coding" • PIRO4D - "astronaut astronomy satellite" • Photographing Travis - "Goal!" • Idaho National Laboratory - "Data immersion" • pestoverde - "Razer OSVR Open-Source Virtual Reality for Gaming" • Pexels - "close-up cogs gears"

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