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The story of the god


In Roman mythology, Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythology) was the king of heaven and Earth and of all the Olympian gods. He was also known as the god of justice. He was named king of the gods in the special meeting that followed his overthrow of the god Saturn (Cronus in Greek mythology) and the Titans.

the god Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun. Discovered by Galileo Galilee, the planet became named after the roman god. Galilee discovered a bunch of new features, too, such as moons.

Galileo Galilee

Jupiter is 43,441 miles long and 27 kilograms in weight . The planet is 4.1 billions years old and is made of nothing but really hot gas and looks like a multicolored desert. The number 1 thing Galileo found was the Galilean moons.

the Galilean moons

Humans have not been to this planet, for they do not have the tech yet. however, we do have a satellite called the Galileo, which will observe the planet and its moons. It can do this because the temperatures in the atmosphere can get up to 234 degrees. credit

spacecraft Galileo


atmosphere- keeping something in the planet

astronomical unit- a unit of measurement equal to 150 mil. km

magnetic field-where all thing aim to

Satellite- object that connects people through wireless connection

evolution- to improve year by year

aurora- the polar lights.


Jupiter was found by Galilee

Jupiter has 4 moons

There is a satellite observing it

It has a tornado

entire solar system
model of jupiter

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diagram of inside of jupiter

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