Reactions and Emotions By: Raeanna Manning

Artist statement: I chose to do the topic reactions and emotions because there is so much emotion in everyday to day life that people don’t think about, and there is emotion in every little thing. Happiness,sadness,pain, frustration,confusion...this is what I want to show show in this photo gallery.The emotion and reactions in everyday life.Because some people don’t realize it but your emotions do help determine your decisions more than they think.And I hope that people get that no matter how much you mask certain emotions some people can still see right through you.

Eye Line
rule of thirds/fill the frame
framing device
color psychcology
leading line
cover art
diagonal line/side-lighting
black and white/Implied line

Autobiography:born in Vancouver W.A I grew up in the Orchards area moving to the Mill plain area at 13. I went to three different elementary schools two different middle schools, and hopefully I'll stay at HeLa till I graduate.growing up was slightly difficult for me because of certain things in my past. I was hurt at a very young age and as a result this person is in prison.Also with my parents separating two months before my 9th birthday and my mother moving out these events that spanned over the course of not even my first decade of life put a strain on my emotions towards people causing me to shut people out. I started opening up again after switching middle schools and meeting my older half sister.(on my Dads side)But I didn't completely open up again and met some people that at the time I thought I could trust mostly.When I started this project I wanted to show that even though that I've been through this I can smile at my friends and genuinely be happy.but towards the end some recent events have reminded me not to get too close to anyone,and has reminded me that I don't have to rely on anyone to make me happy but myself.(I'm also writing this the day after I got my wisdom teeth out so my emotions are not only a little more bitter than usual but I'm also having a hard time staying awake to write this as not to worry about it being late because of my sleeping habits.)


Raeanna Manning

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