With Panera's new coffee subscription service, MyPanera+, the first 3 months are free, and you can get 1 drink every 2 hours. That's possibly 8 drinks per day! This week I put quality of this coffee to the test.

I signed up for the three month free trial and tried out three of the drinks. To stay in the "free" spirit, I also customized it myself. I bought skinny syrup bottles to keep in my car and add my own flavor.

Different items included in the MyPanera+ Coffee membership:

Hazelnut Coffee- $2.59-2.99*

Decaf Coffee- $2.59-2.99

Cafe Blend Light Roast- $2.59-2.99

100% Colombian Dark Roast Coffee- $2.59-2.99*

Iced 100% Colombian Dark Roast Coffee- $2.89-3.29*

Hot Tea- $2.59*

* = Drinks I tried this week

Tea Flavors Available:

Honey Ginseng

British Breakfast

Ginger Peach

Orange Ginger Mint

All drinks can be customized with espresso & syrups (all $.99/pump/shot):

Caramel syrup

Bittersweet Chocolate Syrup

Espresso shot

Madagascar vanilla syrup

Milk can be added for free:


Almond milk

Half & half

Skim Milk

There’s a variety of sweeteners as well, which are all free.


Hazelnut Coffee: 3.5/5

It was good enough for me to take a few sips without adding anything. It wasn’t watered down and was actually enjoyable even though it’s not the best coffee I’ve tried. It had a small burnt taste.

Hot Tea (Honey Ginseng): 3.75/5

It was really dull, too much milk was added so it wasn’t as strong as it could be, and I would get without milk next time.

100% Colombian Dark Roast Coffee: 4/5

The taste is the best so far, it’s good with only a small amount of vanilla syrup. It was actually enjoyable to drink.

Iced 100% Colombian Dark Roast Coffee: 2/5 stars

It was watered down, even when fresh and tasted like hot coffee was poured over ice. I definitely wouldn't recommend this to someone else.

Final thoughts

If someone were to ask if this subscription was worth it, I would say absolutely not. The coffee wasn't good quality and that's with the free trial. If you want coffee from Panera I would recommend one of their other drinks like the cold brew or vanilla latte, which aren't included with MyPanera+.


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