The Sun is Also a Star Nicola yoon

The overall place my book takes place is in New York. I imagine it to have a lot of city lights, really tall buildings, and tons of people walking around everywhere you go. In the book, they have subways, lots of cars, and many small stores by the sidewalk.

The specific locations are: Natasha's house, Daniel's house, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the subway, a church, and a record store. Natasha's house is like a normal house with one younger sister, Daniel's house is like Natasha's, but he has a older brother instead of a younger. The USCIS is big and has not a lot of people in it, except for the front desk, the metal detector person, Irene, and the offices in it. The subway doesn't have a lot of description, but it was underground, and it had lots of people going in and out of every subway. The church was big and white, but it didn't explain the inside because Daniel didn't go into it. But it was close by the record store. It was small and on the corner of the street, it had lots of records lined up nicely and set up sort of like a library.

It takes place in current times, but it doesn't have a certain year, date, and time, but you can tell because of the things that people have. I imagine it to be like New York right now, but Daniel and Natasha that are the only people we are focusing on.

The environment is like a normal city, or like New York City like if is right now in current times. The weather is sunny and it takes place in either fall or spring because Daniel and Natasha are both in school. I would imagine it to have lots of cities, not a lot of land that is not occupied unless they are doing construction or something that is similar to it. Also, it would have lots of streets, cars, and mostly people.

The population in my book is very big because it takes place in a place that has lots of cities that tons of people live in. Also I imagine that the people that live in New York City can be many different types of ethnicities because Daniel is Korean, and Natasha is Jamaican.

Some of the specific objects that time stamp the book are: cars, subways, buildings, phones, metal detectors, computers, headphones, and stores. Many of these objects are modern day technology that many of us use, which is why I believe this book takes place in this time period.

The moods that this book gives me are: happy, loving, and moody. The reason why the first part of this book was happy was because when Natasha and Daniel meet, it sort of relieves stress from both of them because they take their minds off of what they are thinking of and the problems they are having. Also, its happy because Natasha gets to talk with a person to help her stay in America before her family gets deported that night. It's loving because when Daniel and Natasha meet, they fall in love with each other, or think they are cute at first sight. It's moody because sometimes, Daniel mentions something that makes Natasha think back about her family being deported, but it is also happy because they are with each other, so it's moody, happy, and loving.

The setting of this book changes the feel and the whole story because without many of the modern day technology, Daniel and Natasha wouldn't meet, and the story would not come together because they will never meet. So it affects it because the subway has led Daniel to Natasha, the car made Daniel save Natasha, and if they didn't have phones, they would be able to ask each other questions. So if there were no modern day technology, the whole story would be different.


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