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About Me
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I'm Shakeania(Kina) Parker, a Virtual Assistant based in Rochester, NY. In 2016, a car accident left me injured with chronic back pain and unable to return to my stable career in nursing. Through faith and prayer, I gained a new outlook on my life and I decided to design my own work environment, pursue entrepreneurship and dedicate my time supporting Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with Virtual Business & Personal Support services, handling day to day operational tasks, allowing my clients to focus on revenue-generating activities in their businesses. It is my goal to help you where you fall short and focus on the details while you focus on the things that fire you up while watching your visions unfold.

Services & Packages

Consider the convenience of having additional support at your fingertips whenever you need it! You can delegate as much or as little as you choose. Not forgetting the saving benefits of using KParker VA Biz, no equipment fees, formal training or benefits are required, compared to hiring a full-time employee.

Business & Personal Support Services
  • Research Tasks- Voicemail retrievals, reservations, data collection & importing to spreadsheet, simple invoicing, personal appointments scheduling & personal assistance tasks.
  • Appointment Scheduling -Scheduling, confirming, amending consultations and adding them to your preferred Calendar systems.
  • Calendar Management-Updating calendar with meeting entries, to-do tasks, appointments, providing reminders about calendar schedule entries.
  • Email Customer Service- Respond to inquiries and follow-ups via email.
  • Services Available upon request includes; Content Scheduling & Online Research.*Please inquire about services that are not listed.


*Monthly Retainer Packages
  • Starter $200- up to 10 hours monthly
  • Essentials $300- up to 15 hours monthly
  • Business $400- up to 20 hours monthly

*Each monthly package includes a weekly progress call.

*Hours do not roll over.

*Not sure if you need a package just yet?Not a problem, Additional hours are invoiced at an hourly rate of $25, with a minimum of 4 hours.
Discovery calls are a great way of finding out if we are a great business match for each other.
Contact Info
I'd love to hear from you!
Phone: 585.310.1855
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