Final Exam Digital Portfolio By: Riley McCleary

Hi, my names Riley. I'm a freshman at Zeeland West. The only time that I've been in an art class was throughout elementary school and then in 7th grade for one term. I've loved drawing since I was younger so that's why I chose beginning drawing as my elective. This is my first year of high school art. I'm not really sure what I want to go to college for. I enjoy taking pictures so sometimes I think about being a photographer but I also sometimes think about being a lawyer. I'm happy that I took this class because I've learned a lot about art that I didn't know before I took this class. I had no idea what two point perspective was or what stippling was before I joined this class.

My negative/positive drawing was probably my favorite thing that I've drawn so far. I chose a butterfly because I thought the side where the design is on the butterfly would be a fun thing to draw and it was. This was one of my favorite assignments that we've worked on this year.
I also really enjoyed drawing the side profile. At first I didn't think that it was going to be good since my self portrait was not the bes but I think that my side profile drawing actually turned out pretty good.
I thought the stippling project was really cool and I had fun working on it. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or if it was going to turn out good but it turns out that drawing a bunch of dots is actually really fun and I think that my shoes turned out okay but they could've been better.
This is my preliminary self portrait that didn't turn out the greatest and it's probably because I didn't up a lot of time or effort into it.
This was my finished self portrait. It didn't turn out the greatest and I tried to make it look better but I just think that I'm not the greatest at drawing faces.
This is my preliminary hand drawing. I didn't out a lot of time or effort into drawing this, probably only about 5 minutes so that's why it turned out bad.
This is my finished hand drawin. I think that it turned out alright. I added too much graphite so that's why my hand is so dark but I think that the actual hand by itself didn't turn out terrible.
I didn't finish this but I think that learning about all of the different art techniques was really fun and cool because I didn't know a couple of these art techniques until we did the project.
I enjoyed this project but it wasn't my favorite. I prefer drawing something from a picture instead of drawing from something that was right in front of me. I still thought that this was a cool project because it was cool to see everyone else's drawing but it was challenging for me.
My scratchboard drawing didn't turn out the greatest, it was fun to try doing a scratchboard because I haven't ever done a scratchboard before. It was cool learning about all of the different scratchboard techniques that we could use.
I'd never drawn anything that was two point perspective until this year. I really enjoyed drawing a two point perspective drawing, I thought it was cool learning about the different ways to draw it and learning about the vanishing points.
I really liked the oil pastel drawing. It was really fun drawing the pear and the apple even though my pear looked like an avocado. It was cool mixing colors and using the mineral spirit on the coloring key to test it out even though I didn't use it on my final project.

Some of the challenges that I found while drawing some of these projects was that it's harder than it looks to do a stippling drawing, self portrait, and a scratchboard drawing. I really enjoyed learning all of the different techniques.

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