Holden's Playlist Project By austin Travis

Waiting on the World to Change

By John Mayer

Lyrics: It's not that we don't care We just know that the fight ain't fair So we keep on waiting (waiting) Waiting on the world to change

Holden Caulfield despises people who pretend to be someone they're not, he even left a school because he "...was surrounded by phonies" (Salinger 19). The song Waiting on the World to Change represents Holden's desire for society to be fair and honest, instead of the fake, cruel place in which he lives.

Bring Me to Life

By Evanescence

Lyrics: Wake me up, wake me up inside, I can't wake up, Wake me up inside, save me ... Bring me to life, I've been living a lie, There's nothing inside, (Bring me to life) Bring me to life

Holden suffers severely from depression to such a degree that in contemplating suicide he says "...I'm sort of glad they've got the atomic bomb invented. If there's ever another war, I'm going to sit right the hell on top of it" (Salinger 183). Holden would listen to the song bring me to life because it portrays his desire to escape depression, while still feeling dead inside, enough that he has considered suicide.

You're Gonna Miss This

By Trace Adtkins

Lyrics: "You're gonna miss this, You're gonna want this back, You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast, These are some good times, So take a good look around, You may not know it, now But you're gonna miss this"

Holden describes his brother Allie as intelligent, loving, and calm, however Holden quickly reveals that, "he's (Allie) dead now" (Salinger 49). Holden would listen the song You're Gonna Miss This" since he lost his brother at a young age and most likely took him for granted. The song describes what Holden feels when he thinks about his brother.

I'm Just a Kid

By Simple Plan

Lyrics: I'm just a kid, And life is a nightmare, I'm just a kid, I know that it's not fair, Nobody cares 'cause I'm alone, And the world is, Having more fun then me, Tonight

Holden was arguing with Stradlater over both the paper Holden wrote for him, and whether he had given Jane the time. Tensions escalated quickly between the two of them until Stradlater "really let one go at" Holden (Salinger 58). Not only did Stradlater sock Holden ultimately for asking him about his date with a girl Holden felt strongly about, but Holden had just been kicked out of school making his life a true nightmare.

Just One Yesterday

By Fall Out Boy

Lyrics: "I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday, (I know I’m bad news), For just one yesterday, (I saved it all for you), For just one yesterday, If I spilled my guts, The world would never look at you the same way"

Holden was walking down the street when he noticed a child walking in the street, "making out like he was walking a very straight line, the way kids do, and the whole time he kept singing and humming" (Salinger 150). Holden's observations about the child allude to his longing for simple life full of childlike innocence. This relates to the song Just One Yesterday in that Holden would most likely give up his entire future to regain his innocence.


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