The Divine Katherine Sartz

Image Source: Bjdlzx. Night Scene Milky Way Background. Digital image. IStock. Getty Images, 16 Apr. 2016. Web. 25 Jan. 2017. <>.

Spatial Experience

The auditorium was large and airy and made me feel insignificant compared to its massive size. Image Source: The Big Room, Too. Digital image. The Body Electric Yoga Company. N.p., 5 Aug. 2014. Web. 25 Jan. 2017. <>.

As I entered the auditorium, I was overwhelmed by how large the theater was. We found our seats on the right side of the auditorium near a wall. From my seat I could not see the other side of the auditorium which made me feel rather insignificant. This location made it possible to see into the wings of the stage which enabled us to see the actors walk on and off stage. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted I was confused. Fake snow was falling from the rafters of the stage, but I couldn't figure out whether it was a fake snow or simply a projection against the screen. Regardless, the snow helped set the scene and gave me as an audience member an understanding of what time of the year the play was set in. In the Good Life, place grounds us in our present state in where we presently are and where we should keep our focus and our energy.

Social Experience

Everyone's cumulated experiences can be shared and in doing so, impart more knowledge on others. Additionally, sharing experiences creates a bond even among strangers. Image Source: Alphabet Soup. Digital image. Alphabet Soup. Alphabet Soup, n.d. Web. 26 Jan. 2017. <>.

I attended the performance with two of my best friends. To get ready for the performance we all dressed in dressy casual attire, sure to wear no denim to the event. Before the show, we went to dinner before going to the theater. Attending the performance with friends enhanced the experience. Sharing any event or moment with others is sure to enhance one's experience as shared experience draw individuals closer together. To me, the Good Life isn't good until it's shared. Along our journey towards the good life we are to share our joys and our discomforts and everything with those we care about and in doing so we connect with individuals on a deeper level. This allows for an improved quality of life and enables not only ourselves, but may also help other obtain their good life.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

A child is seen working in a factory in the height of the Industrial Revolution in the United States, as Leo Talbot in The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt, worked long hours in rooms with poor air quality, which hindered his physical and mental development. Image Source: Child Labor. Digital image. Modern World History Textbook., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2017. <>.

The play was set in the early 1900s in the height of the Industrial Revolution when factories compromised the health of millions of workers and children. This work calls to attention the injustices of the era including poor working conditions and prevalent socioeconomic disparities. Additionally, The Divine highlights the internal debate between following one's passions and doing what is expected of oneself. Before attending the performance, I knew minimal information on the hazardous working conditions including long hours and dark rooms in addition to knowledge of the Knights of Labor. After watching the performance, I developed a greater sense of empathy for workers who are subject to these horrific working conditions which still continue to this day around the world. I related to the characters when they were being humiliated and insulted by their bosses as I have had similar experiences with past employers. Additionally, I related to the interior conflict which the main character, Michaud, experienced as I have struggled for months deciding between majors that either make more money or make me feel more satisfied in my work.

Emotional Experience

Before and after watching The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt. Image Source: Katherine Sartz

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt was cathartic in that it made me think about a few things in my life that I could definitely improve on. Michaud had a very bold sense of curiosity within himself that lead him to follow his dream and become a playwright. I think often times I spend too much time fantasizing a comfortable lifestyle and I can be missing out on an alternative lifestyle that may not necessarily be the most conventional, but may be even more satisfactory. Additionally, it made me question institutions and whether or not they are the best for everyone. The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt was very thought provoking and I walked away from it with an organic view on my life.

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