Term 2 Sarah daley

This is the plate where I had all of my best cuts but my top three were the carrots and the potatoe . Those cuts were from left to right the batonette, brunoise, and the julienne.


For my future kitchen I would like to have a pot filler faucet. These are placed behind the oven and normally incorporated into the back splash. This can conveniently fill up pots that may be heavy so you don't have to carry them with water filled in them. These can range from $60-$250 just depending on what finish you get and the brand.

This lab was a bean and basil spread, this was actually my favorite lab. I loved the flavor was in this recipe as well as the different textures. We were learning about how to infuse different items into a flowing product and this did just that.

So this lab we got to decided between and herb and a spice. We learned about all of them and then got to decide how to mix and match them. It was very interesting to see how some worked wonderfully together.

With this lab we learned how to poach. We also learned how to boil pasta and mix in the other ingredients. I found this lab super helpful because of how many times you can use this skill.

My favorite fruit is strawberries.Strawberries are from both North and South America but we're brought to Virginia area.

Well I think that if you want to go to a job interview you should dress modestly. So I chose this outfit because it is very modest and cute so nothing is distracting the person I'm getting interviewed by.

This applied to what we were learning about poaching. Awe we're able to poach these pears.

This applies to what we were learning because of the appearances. This is clearly not sushi but it appears to be that way, which is something you can use in the food industry.

This lab we learned about teamwork and running a restaurant. Which helped with this lab because we were able to communicate and get the job done.

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