Movie Vs. Book Harry potter and the goblet of fire

Harry woke up by a nightmare about Lord Voldemort coming back. A couple of days later Harry got a letter from the Weasley Family they were going to pick him up for the Quidditch World Cup whether the Dursleys liked it or not on Sunday. They picked him up they went to the burrow for a night went to the Quidditch World Cup. After the Quidditch World Cup these death eaters got this idea that it would be fun to pick on muggles and made them act like puppets. Then someone set off the Dark Mark and the other death eaters fled with fear and the person blamed it on a house elf Winky. Harry went to hogwarts on September 1st and got told about a Triwizard Tournament. Someone put his name in the Goblet of Fire. By the second task Harry almost got caught by Professor Snape and Professor Filich because he was heading back and fell into a step that was triggered to turn into Quicksand he got stuck, he dropped the Marauders Map and his clue for the second task. Professor Snape, Professor Moody, and Professor Filch were having a conversation about the egg that Harry dropped. Once as it came to the third task Harry had to do a maze and at the end Harry and his friend Cedric touched the cup they traveled to a graveyard. Worm-tail was told to kill Cedric with the Advada Kedarva spell when he killed Cedric he took some of Harry's blood cut off his hand and took a bone from Voldemort's dads coffin. When Voldemort was back he said that he and Harry had to duel. When he tried to kill Harry, Harry tried to disarm him which caused their to be a golden line to show up which held for at least five minutes once as it broke Harry grabbed the cup that took him back to Hogwarts. Harry told everyone that Voldemort was back.

Harry woke up with a note from the Weasley family about them coming to pick him up from the Dursleys for the Quidditch World cup. After the world cup the death eaters were attacking until Barty Crouch Jr. set off the Dark Mark then the death eaters fled with fear. They found out at the end of the movie that Voldemort was back.

There are multiple differences from the movie then the book such as.......... When Harry woke up by the nightmare about Voldemort in the movie he was at the Weasley's house but in the book he was at the Dursleys. When Harry was in the prefects bathroom in the movie the mermaid was awake but in the book it was asleep.

The book is better than the movie because it explains things a lot better like Voldemort came back and Voldemort and Harry dueled. It describes things that they don't explain in the movie.


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