Spark's Adventures A New Innovative animated television series

Key Art

About the Show

Journey to a faraway, magical land where a powerful and energetic planet is dying. Meet Spark, a new flying frog making his being debut!

Spark is a multi-talented artist who gets ripped out of art class, only to be thrust on a grand adventure that he will surely never forget! He encounters a huge, dragon-like creature called The Apovil, a controlling wizard coven, who are always at odds with one another and many new parts of his amazing world.

Using his artistic talents, while extremely shy, is set to save his planet from total destruction.

Can he use brains, instead of brawn to go up against a hidden conspiracy theory that is contributing to his world's downfall?

Find out by following matching clues, that are deeply integrated into each episode. This will leave you coming back for more week after week!

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