Sara Battista Advanced Drawing Project


Andy Goldsworthy
Bryan Nash Gill

Project Proposal

For this project I want to make a series of drawings that depict my personal experiences - places, emotions, activities, etc. - over the course of the semester. I plan to use a variety of different media - for example: charcoal, pen, marker, etc. - as well as different paper choices. Think unity in disunity. Order in chaos. That's how my brain works, so I thought it would be appropriate to use that mindset for this project. As Mama Indigo said: "The best thing you can do is master the chaos in you. You are not thrown into the fire, you are the fire."

I put Andy Goldsworthy and Bryan Nash Gill as some of my inspiration for this project, not because of aesthetics necessarily (although I love their work for that reason) but because they both use whats around them to make their work. I feel they both work very well with this documentation of the here and now that I am going for. The people, places, and times in our lives will not always be there. They are constantly changing, and I'm very interested in making art that documents these "snapshots" of my life. Sort of this Ephemera of Me. I would like to also like to try using atypical sources as some of my mediums if possible that would be directly related to some of the drawing subjects such as snow, mud, or dirt.

Shots of my sketchbook. My thought process is usually pretty wordy so I like to include that in my sketchbook. Similar to how people talk to themselves while they're thinking, I will write to myself while I'm writing.
This is the start of my first drawing, which is of a black hole. When my work was accepted in to the student show at the beginning of the semester, it got me thinking about how I never dreamed I'd take this path in life of art school and all that it entails. I tried to do other things that I felt were more practical, but that made me unhappy. This journey for me has started lately to feel like a black hole. Not in the negative sense though, actually quite the opposite. I have no idea what will be on the other side, it is completely unknown, but I've given over control to the gravity and I'm going in head first.


Created with images by Pexels - "backpack bag beautiful" • Akos Kokai - "Tree Fall by Andy Goldsworthy" • eryn.rickard - "One Year Later" • - "22.5 Screen 1998, Andy Goldsworthy" • moorina - "British Museum: Preliminary designs by Andy Goldsworthy" • moonlightbulb - "Crack" • Wicker Paradise - "Hemlock 82 Relief Print by Bryan Nash Gill - Ashes & Milk outdoor wicker is a favorite of ours! So is this find by zach."

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