Reflective Log Journal 4 By shawn maiden

Monday, I had explained more about the Fantasy games i had chosen, and described why i had chosen specifically them. The reason why i had specifically chosen them is because they are practically our game in bigger forms depending on the road it takes into the path of success.

Tuesday, The detail for the game mechanics was not easy to do as we needed to explain what animations and the details within the animations. How easy they were to do and a lot more about them, in the end i completed the task with plenty of room left for other things.

Thursday, today i had trouble with trying to do the Research Evaluation. As i needed to explain everything we have done as best as i could, it was very simple to do but also very conservative as it had taken time to do so. However I'm not fond of doing the research evaluation so i must improvise something at least.

Friday, Today the work was hard to do because i had needed to do "Ideas from the past" as it would have showed that i had thought about the prototype with a clear mind showing i'm dedicated to the work. Me and Thomas both had ended up completing up to 29 pages. A majority of ideas had appeared through our heads, these ideas ranged from Darkness to magic. The name of these games are.

Also, i had drown my main character out to show what i would want him to look like. The idea had ranged from many different characters infused together, these characters are shown within our research.

These are the design for the main character, Enjoy!

If I had the chance to change somethings within what I have accomplished this week, I would have changed how the character looks, due to the fact i have many more ideas of what he could have looked like. I would have changed the eye patch and made it look more colorful.

I feel alright with what i have progressed throughout this week, and I'm sure Thomas feels the same, though we are limited on time and hopefully we can progress quickly.

What I liked was the amount of ideas I and Thomas had made for different games, this makes our ideas more simplified and a better game for us to be able to achieve.

However, I did not like how we needed to explain a lot for the game mechanics, but that is natural due to the fact people need to understand the intentions.

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