Learn from the Experts Adobe Funded Premium Training

If you are a team of 5 or more designers creating digital experiences for brands in-house or at an agency, or you are leading a cohort of students at a top design institution, contact us to learn more about how our Instructors can help you integrate Adobe XD into your workflow, processes and curriculum.

Adobe proactively worked with us to identify opportunities of growth for our design team and performed an extensive training session with Adobe XD. Thanks to Adobe, our team discovered the power of having live collaboration and prototyping tools at our fingertips. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

Collin Scott, User Experience Designer

XD Instructor Led Sessions

XD as Your All-In-One Solution

Transform Your Design Process. Learn how to turn your ideas into stunning reality faster, and effortlessly create designs that look and feel like the real thing. This session will give you an overview of the fundamentals, like how to wireframe, animate, prototype, collaborate, and more — all right in XD, the all-in-one UI/UX design tool.

Advanced Prototyping

Communicate Your Intent More Quickly and Powerfully with XD. In this session, you’ll learn how to add engaging interactions to your design with features like Auto-Animate, Scroll Groups and Component States. Leverage fixed position to simulate parallax scrolling, use time triggers to create seamless loading graphics, and even engage with a design using just your voice! Adobe XD is a powerful tool for designing digital experiences that feel just like the real thing.

Collaborate & Share

Design is Better Together. Collaboration is key to building successful digital experiences. Whether you’re working with stakeholders, clients, developers, marketing or copy teams — XD makes it easier than ever to get feedback and share. Learn how to utilize XD’s prototyping capabilities to communicate an idea and present concepts. Leverage the power of coediting in real-time, share design specs for developers, export assets in various file formats, and even record videos of your designs.

Building and Managing Design Systems in XD

Scaling Design Across Your Organization with Adobe XD. Looking for practical insights to advance and scale design in your organization? Whether you are just starting or have a fully built Design System, XD can help you manage typography, colors, components, assets, interactive states and more. Share easily between teams and workstreams with design system tools built for consistency and stay up to date with Creative Cloud Libraries and push changes out automatically.

Beyond UX Design

Made for Designers by Designers. It’s not just UX teams that love Adobe XD’s impressive features — creative teams are unlocking the power of XD for email, digital ads, social media, landing page assets, video storyboarding and more! Discover useful templates for your favorite social media platforms, design and prototype animations for banner ads and create custom presentations. Share project assets across all your favorite Adobe applications using the power of Creative Cloud Libraries and collaborate in real-time like you never have before.

Migrating from Sketch to XD

One Tool for Every Stage of the Process. Pick up right where you left off and easily import your Sketch files and libraries into Adobe XD. Take advantage of XD’s native features and functionality like powerful prototyping and real-time collaboration. In this session you will learn how to transition your current workflow and share your digital experiences instantly at any stage of your process.

Migrating from Figma to XD

The Power of Creative Cloud. XD offers powerful native desktop applications for both Mac and Windows and is fully integrated with the Creative Cloud, allowing teams to share assets across applications and extend workflows. Learn how to collaborate in real-time with stakeholders, developers, other designers with XD’s powerful coediting features. Easily design dynamic and engaging prototypes using Auto-Animate, Stacks, Scroll Groups, Voice and more.

The Adobe team has been fantastic to work with. They have been very flexible and agile when coordinating the XD workshop to meet the needs of our recent UX/UI bootcamp graduates. The team really went above and beyond to make the workshop super engaging & shared a ton of great resources to help junior designers take their skills to the next level.

Meredith Noulis, Career Outcomes Specialist

Meet the Team

XD Instructors are industry practitioners actively using Adobe XD for their design workflows. The team is based all over the United States, Canada and South America and sessions are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Instructors can help your team become successful with Adobe XD through a hands-on, consultative approach.

Caleb Kingston is an award-winning designer and Founder of App Design Tips, a website dedicated to teaching UI/UX best practices. He has spent the last 10 years designing cutting edge solutions for the healthcare industry and many startup companies.
Camilo Jones is a UX Designer and Art Director with over 18 years of experience. He's worked with clients in Colombia, Argentina, Italy, Puerto Rico and in the US. Camilo is known for using his extensive knowledge of animation and prototyping to create engaging digital experiences for enterprise clients.
Claudio Gomez is an enthusiastic visual designer who comes from a broad working experience in Human Centered Interaction design and User Centered Design. Claudio has created digital experiences for clients across Chile and the US including brands like McCann Health, Styker, Pfizer, Ricoh, CertCo and American Red Cross.
Elizé Todd is a UX designer, educator and YouTube and Instagram content creator. She has lead UX teams, worked in consulting and education. She's designed winning strategies for clients such as Adobe, USA Today Network and Keller Williams, but her true passion is motivating and empowering future designers through her mentoring engagements.
Jill DaSilva is the CEO and Founder of the design agency, Digital Karma. From an early age Jill has been programing and creating digital experiences which led to her professional success in User Experience and Product Strategy. Jill is a IxD Advisory Board Member for Santa Monica College. While as a lead instructor at General Assembly Jill was a recognized for her exemplary service by being included as a member of the Distinguished Faculty program. Also, Jill was voted as one of the 50 LA Tech CEOS you must follow on Twitter.
Jonathan Conway is a multi-disciplinary designer with over 10 years of experience working for brands like Equinox, Tumi and Adobe. Jonathan has experience in user interface design, interaction design, art direction, branding and digital product design. Jonathan's main strength is being able to collaborate with cross functional teams and provide informed solutions across all channels of the customer journey.
Julie Sanduski is a freelance UX Designer who comes from a self-taught design background and has worked with companies like IDEO and Microsoft. Julie was also an Adobe Creative Resident where she designed solutions to reduce food waste and inspire a sustainable community. Julie is an active participant in the design community and regularly speaks at events like Seattle Interactive and AIGA.
Maiane Gabriele brings a big smile to all that she does. Literally her name Maiane translates to "radiant smile." Creativity has always played a large role in Maiane's life, from making up new games to drawing illustrations everywhere. She has taken this creative energy and turned it into a successful design career. Miane uses design to promote change and support philanthropic causes, develop UI kits for themes like accessibility and to teach future UX designers.
Matt Rae has over a decade of experience in product design in the travel, autonomous vehicle, EdTech and advertising industries. Matt is known as a UX community builder, speaker, and design advocate. He is the founder of DesignChats and works with a variety of brands as a UX consultant.
Paula Seo is the lead product designer at Mattel and teaches visual interaction design at Art Center College of Design. Paula is passionate about enabling teams to build and grow their design systems and teaching the next generation of UX designers.
XD has transformed how we collaborate with teams and streamlined our design systems. Adobe has been a great partner in crafting end-to-end learning sessions that were simple to follow and very engaging. Excited to see where our partnership takes us next.

Dee Sabado, Design Manager

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