Weapons during WW2 By: Nina and jenna


Tanks were an essential weapon that was made and used during World War Two. Many different countries were making tanks for people to fight the war. At the beginning of the the war Germanys tanks were more powerful. In pretty much every aspect Germany's tanks were better to fight with. Although tanks were invented during World War One by England, numerous other countries modified it. The tanks originally were very slow and had frequent break downs. At the start of World War Two they could travel thousands of miles with very few and minor breakdowns. Tanks was one of the most efficient weapons used in World War Two.

Atomic Bomb:

From the spark of the many of innovative weapons used in World War Two the atomic bomb was made. The atomic bomb was definitely the most murderous weapon ever used. The atomic bomb was only used in one war ever which was World War Two. The United States dropped an atomic bomb over Japan. The first atomic bomb sent millions of civilians and military officers wounded or dead. However, Japan was told to keep on fighting because they considered it an insult to the nation to surrender. After the second atomic bomb was dropped, Japan surrendered very fast. Japan's streets and cities were ruined. America was very careful with the use of the atomic bomb because they new how distrustful it was and they only had to to use. Although the atomic bomb killed many, it helped the U.S win the battle and also let many of the P.O.W's free.


Rifles were the most common used weapon in World War 2. Rifles were a big new essential weapon that was used during World War 2. One of the rifles that was used during World War 2 was called the m-1. The m-1 rifle was and still is a very popular firearm. The m-1 rifle was originally very heavy, had an odd shape and, fell off most soilders unless they took off their field packs and put it diagonally across their body. However, many countrie such as the U.S changed it so that the problems troops were facing would be fixed. The Breda 30 was a standard more old-fashion hogun used by the Italian military. This machine gun was very poorly created starting with the structure to the way the gun worked. The weapon had many magazines. If the magazine were to be broken it would not be able to used anymore. Also, the blowback, part of the weapon that fired, often ended with the bullet existing violently. The firearm was very easy to jam as well.


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