Now and Then 1st Expedition, 2016

In this selection you will find students whose 1st names begin with P, R, S, and T.

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I would rather write with a quill pen because it’s awesome. You get to dip it in ink. Because you can write with it. Because you can write on paper. You can put the quill pen in different colored ink. You can draw a face and a monster truck number 23.

By Pheonix

Big Schools are Better

Springville is better than a one-room-school-house! Have you ever been in a one-room school house? I would rather be in a big school like Springville, than a one-room-school-house. First of all, I would be squished if I went to a one room school house. The desks are placed in rows. The seats and desks are connected to the floor. There would be three people all sitting on the bench at one desk. I think it will be like I feel when I ride the bus. Another reason is I would be timid, like the first time I went to the back of the bus. There would be really big kids that were older than me in my classroom if I were in a one room schoolhouse. Also the grades will be jumbled up, like there would be some 3rd graders, 2nd graders, 1st, Kinders, 5th...all the grades would be together. The teacher would have to teach separate lessons to every grade. As a kid, it might be confusing because while the teacher was teaching I would have to sit quietly at my desk. That’s why I would be in Springville. Another reason is because I would only have a few books to read. Also, I would have to wait for a long time to get to read the book because they had to share books. Lastly, can you believe you couldn’t wear jewelry long ago? I couldn’t wear my bracelets or necklaces. This is why I prefer a big school like Springville over a one room school house. I like having my own desk, lots of books, and being able to wear my jewelry.

By Pranavi

Pencils are great!

Have you ever used a quill pen? I would rather use a pencil than a quill pen. If I used a quill pen, I would have to keep on dipping the feather into the ink. When you write a couple of words, the ink runs out. It would take me a long time because I would have to keep dipping my feather into the ink. My hand would get very tired. I wouldn’t write very much. If you mess up, you would have to get a new paper and start all over again. If you messed up a lot, maybe you wouldn’t have enough paper left. If you spill or run out of ink would you get more? It wouldn’t be easy to get more ink because you would have to go to the store or make it. Stores were far apart. It would take a long time to get there. When I came back to my writing after going to the store, I would forget what I was writing about! It would be difficult to write with a quill pen. Which one would you use?

Quill pen and ink

Have you used a quill pen and ink? I would use a pencil rather than a quill pen. A quill pen would be messy because of the ink. If some ink drops and then it gets all over the place. If it dripped on the paper, writing would get messed up. I would have to get a different piece of paper.

It would be difficult to write because sometimes when you are writing it smudges. Sometimes it is enjoyable if you were just drawing a picture because you could turn that splatter into something. Pencils are better because you can erase mistakes. They won’t splatter. I like pencils better.

By Sophia

Schools are cool

Have you ever been at a one room school before? I would rather be in a large school like Springville than a old one room school.

One reason is that the tables are separated in a big school. It’s good to have table teams because you can work together and have partners. However, a table team shouldn’t talk to each other across the room. Long ago, there were only two people at a desk. They couldn’t talk to each other when they were working.

In a one room schoolhouse it’s kind of crowded because there is 8th grade, 7th grade, 9th grade, and many more. It’s kind of bad because it could be really loud and people could bump into each other because it’s really crowded. It’s better to have just one grade, like 2nd grade, like what a class is. In second grade we are learning about things that 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade already know about. If we were in one room together, they can get kind of bored because they already know all of the stuff.

Now we have lot’s of technology. We get to play math games on the IPad/computer. We can get smarter because we are learning. Long ago they had slates and soapstone to do math. Technology is better because you can just do it with your fingers instead of having to write.

We have backPack’s with zippers. You can just grab your papers, unzip, put your papers in and then zip it up. Instead of having to put your books, papers, and stuff in a belt. You have to tie it, and sometimes some of the supplies might fall out. Also, when you wear a backpack, you don’t to hold a belt. That is why I want to go to a large school like Springville.

Quill Pens

Have you ever been in one room school house? If I was, I would want a quill pen rather than a pencil. First of all, I do not like to use a pencil because they break easily. If a pencil tip breaks, you can sharpen it again. It takes time. If you use a quill pen it won’t break. They did cursive writing in olden schools. I like to do cursive writing, but whenever my dad tells me I need to learn how to do it. I can only do a cursive g, e, and y. If we do cursive writing in schools now some other students would not to be able to read it. Quill pens are better are better than pencils for cursive writing because whenever you use a quill pen your writing will look magnificent and fancy. That is why quill pens are better than pencils.

By Theresa

We hope you enjoyed reading and listening to our stories, and seeing our high quality artwork. Feel free to look at the other three pages!

We hope that you see evidence of perseverance in our work.


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