Christmas around the world

the evergreen can be found on every CONTINENT EXPECT ANTARCTICa. THEY SHED DURING THE WINTER. the evergreen tree keeps there leaves year round.
great britain
on christmas children write letters to santa. they would burn them in the fire so santa would receive them in the north pole. INSTEAD putting them in the mail.
as you can see there are stockings over the fire in america. in GReat britain they put in over there beds so they can see the PRESENTS when they wake up.
in france they have trees that they decorated in all sort of stars in all colors.
on christmas children put there shoes for santa to put PRESENTs in them. they look at them every day.
in spain children write letters to the three kings. they put them on the roof to there house.
the three kings are the santa in spain. the three kings go in a PARADE ever christmas.
on christmas day is for church, family,and feasting. pasta dishes and turkey are served.
at ten o'clock in the evening christmas eve masses begin. then children go to sleep.
netherland or the holland
in scandinavia on christmas the adults put a candle in there living room and if the candle goes out in the night it makes a disaster on the family.
family's go to a midnight mass called PASTERNAK. christmas day is spent visiting friends and relatives.
in ukraine they put spider webs on there christmas tree for good luck.


in russian they DECELERATE there trees with all sorts of stuff
the red and green leaf poinsettia grows in the wild in damp ravines ditches THOUGHT OUT the country
united states
santa claus and his reindeer goes on top a roof at night and climes down the chimney and gives the children gifts.


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