Smart Growth Coordinator The Problems With Mississauga

By Jay Li

Don't you ever think to yourself "Wow Mississauga sure has a lot of space for homes and is using that space wisely." Unfortunately you are wrong and in this plan we will talk about the key things that are problems and some solutions.

First as a coordinator we need to touch the most obvious and crucial problem in Mississauga. The main problem about Mississauga is that due to the amount of population growth in Canada we have problems being able to provide homes for everyone. This causes to cost more and more people will live in the streets.

This is what could happen to our future children if we don't take the problems with homes seriously

The other problem with the growth in population is that there is insane wait times for social services making it hard for people with illnesses and people with other conditions to get the treatment they need.

National wait times for neurosurgery is crazy! The wait time is at least 46.9 weeks! That's 10 months!

These things are unsustainable because it shows how well we fail at using the space we have properly. In the region of peel we use about 7.83 hectares per capita. This is not something we should be proud of. Our ecological footprint is high due to this. Making us not use space properly.

Well obviously it's very simple in Mississauga. We need to focus on making more high rises! This significantly removes the amount of ecological footprint each person gives because instead of being spaced out sideways it's spaced out upwards making it take up less space. So then there is more homes and more space. With this space we have we can be making so many different things like more emergency services, playgrounds, and other necessary things.

That could've been a whole street fitting maybe 20 people at the most? This street is filled with more than 100s of people.
A sustainable isometric city. (What we can be)

As you can tell in that picture doesn't have many single homes. Also you can see there is more space for other things. This means more ease to build the things we need for resources, help, and other things.

Also there is some things that are being taken into effect today that is very good for our environment. This is called the 100 mile challenge. This challenge is used to make people buy foods that are grown in our community. Even though it may cost more but it's fresher and there is a lower chance that there is g.m.os.

This company brings food in your local area straight to your door step.

Also we could start growing things on our rooftop and other things in our backyard to make things even fresher. Though granted that somehow you don't put things in your fruits to poison yourself.

To conclude we could have a good sustainable city if we try but at the moment and the way we are going. Unfortunately we are pretty unsustainable.

Urban sprawl TedTalk



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