Active Seniors

Getting started

  • Email uniform size to Suzy
  • Talk to your centre manager to organise a set of keys
  • Email Suzy for your personalised time sheet
  • Email Suzy for a HealthKit and Clubworx login
  • Complete your personal parts of the relevant form below:


Centre Information


Helping Australia’s older population to remain healthy and active in their community.


To improve quality of life in our older generations by keeping them active and healthy. We will do so by providing a safe, caring and friendly environment in which they can exercise, learn more about their wellbeing and interact socially. The focus will be largely on preventing and managing chronic health conditions.


  • Safe
  • Caring
  • Trusting
  • Friendly
  • Individualisation
  • Teamwork
  • Prevention
  • Punctuality


The Typical Member Journey

  1. Initial assessment & report of findings are 2 separate individual consultations that are booked together with same staff member for both visits (where possible)
  2. Decide if member best suits individual sessions, home visits or group exercise classes (or a combination of individual and group services)
  3. Reassessment of progress at the 3 month mark at no charge
  4. Changes to exercise program

Membership Options & Costs

  • Individual consultation and report of findings (over 2 visits) $150
  • All new members joining $125 per month
  • Loyalty rate for members over 2 years consistently attending $115 per month
  • Afternoon only (12pm onwards) rate for existing members ONLY who are already on this option $90 per month
  • Off peak membership (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons only) $80 per month
  • 10 Pack visit $180 with no expiry or time limit on visits
  • Individual Exercise Physiology Sessions $60 per session

Other centre activities:

Health talks

  • Once a month in the centre (unless there is a special promotion)
  • Free to all members and their guests - must RSVP their place
  • Hosted during lunch breaks
  • Staff present health talks - rotating roster

Theme Days

  • In general one planned theme day or competition per month
  • Normal uniform is not required if there is a dress-up involved
  • Staff are allocated in advance to promote and arrange prizes for the specific theme days
  • Staff who are rostered on for the day facilitate any activities
  • Prizes are given to members for "best dressed" or competition winners


  • One per month
  • Coordination of content is rotated between staff with one staff member responsible for the finished product each month
  • One generic newsletter made for all centres that is slightly modified according to what is happening in each centre and the Member of the Month
  • All staff to contribute to items such as Member of the Month and monthly recipe
  • Staff member giving the health talk for the month to send a summary of the main points for the newsletter


"Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success"


  • Patient data entry during individual consultations
  • Take payments and update member account information
  • Member follow-ups as allocated
  • Data entry at end of shift into spreadsheets
  • Letters to GP



Basics for Clubworx

Clubworx is used to store all of our member information; specifically their memberships, payments, attendance (check-ins) and any relevant notes about holidays, time off or notes from member followups.


  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact details; address and phone number
  • Email address (if they don't have one use "members@activeseniors.net.au")

Using HealthKit

HealthKit is used for our appointments as well as processing our DVA and Medicare claims. All of our patient notes and letters are saved on HealthKit.


  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Medicare card number (including reference number)
  • Contact details; address, phone number and email address
  • Referral details for DVA/ Medicare claims

Direct Debit Payments

Microsoft Access

Microsoft access is used for our assessment results. We use the database for easy data access as well as for prospective research.

Other computer tasks:

Client Interactions

General Enquiries

If you are on the floor, explain that you are supervising a class. Give the person a brochure to read and explain that you will be back shortly to answer any specific questions. Note that current members always take priority i.e. if you need to excuse yourself from the conversation to assist a member then do so

Always find out the persons name, reasons for joining (usually health concerns) and how they found out about the centre (referral source) and address these accordingly as you interact.

Avoid referring to the centre as a "gym". We are a health centre that specialises in Seniors Care. People in this age bracket often find gym environments intimidating.

Explain how the centre operates emphasizing the individual attention, staff qualifications and also focusing on value of the centre before telling people the cost of services

Finish the conversation by asking if they would like to arrange an appointment as there is a waiting period on services.

Introducing new members to group services


  • Advise the member that they can book in advance (which is recommended) and that the day sheets are put out 2 weeks ahead to the day with the exception of public holidays
  • Show them the waiting list and explain that if people cancel in their requested session time they will be contacted and prioritised for those places
  • Ensure that they understand that if they are unable to attend a session that they need to contact us ASAP to cancel so that other members can take their place. Also advise them that multiple non attendances without notifying us may result in temporary booking restrictions


  • Members must wait in the reception area until supervisor invites their time group through
  • If they are unsure if their session time has commenced, they can simply ask the supervisor on duty
  • Members are encouraged to perform their stretches in the waiting area before their session commences
  • Reinforce the importance of punctuality and that if they arrive late they will only be able to get through some of their exercises (as many as time permits)


  • Show them the membership card boxes are located and the sign in process. Explain the reasons why members need to check in (health fund record of attendance, see when due to pay for next membership)
  • Explain the different payment methods – card, cash, direct debit - and claiming from Medicare or health funds where appropriate
  • Show them the holiday book and how to make an entry if they are away for 2 or more weeks (holiday, surgery, too busy). Explain that if they are away we can make future bookings to ensure that they can get into their preferred times if they fill in the holiday book


  • Member name and barcode with member number on back
  • Date of assessment/ reassessment
  • Date due for reassessment
  • Symbols for health conditions (full list inside offices)
  • Names of exercises with sets, repetitions and rest breaks
  • Try to use the white board markers around the exercise equipment to fill in as much information about settings (weights, bike seat height etc.) during the first program demonstration

Group Session Conversation

  • During each group sessions try to touch base with each member at least once during the session
  • Positive feedback such as “you are doing that exercise well” is just as important as technique correction
  • For technique correction try to be as positive about it as possible i.e. instead of “don’t let your elbow bend” say “remember to keep your elbows straight”. Also when correcting technique approach the member by saying “I’d like to just modify what you are doing to really focus on ……” rather than saying “you aren’t doing this exercise the right way”
  • During the group sessions try to bring up a relevant health topic of interest and centre events. Health topics may come from the members themselves and their conversations in the session, or it may be something you have read, listened to or watched.
  • Try to find out personal information about the members such as their hobbies, up and coming holidays and family (grandchildren especially!). Talking to members about personal topics demonstrates that you care about them.
  • Try to avoid the 3 no-no’s; politics, religion and sex. If this is brought up by the members in the session try to steer the conversation elsewhere if it is not appropriate!

Difficult members

  • Try to take the member or person aside so that any interaction is not in the middle of an exercise session
  • Reassure them that you understand their concern/ problem
  • Ask them if you would like Taylor to get in contact with them to discuss the matter further. If so email Taylor with the persons name and contact details plus a brief description of the problem.
  • If in doubt and a person is not happy/ not wanting to continue, it is often best to offer them a refund of their membership fees for that month

Member Follow-ups

  • An inactive members list will be printed out and distributed among staff
  • Phone call as first point of contact. Example script; “Hi Margaret its Suzy from Active Seniors at Gordon. We notice that you haven’t been back into the centre since your holiday and I just wanted to touch base with you and make sure everything is ok?”
  • Postcard or email can also be used
  • For members that DNA (do not attend) a session without advising us, there is a DNA email template that will automatically send if they are marked as absent in Clubworx

Claiming from Medicare

  • With an appropriate GP referral under an EPC (item# 10953) members may be able to claim a rebate on individual consultations through Medicare
  • Ensure that payment for the service has been taken and if not process a payment as you would normally
  • Ensure all patient data is entered correctly in Healthkit including Medicare card number and patient reference number on the card
  • Click on the invoice button in the appointment details
  • Click “Mark as paid”
  • Following this click on the button at the bottom of the invoice that says “process rebate”

Health Fund Rebates

  • Health fund rebates may be available to members who have extra's cover and more specifically Exercise Physiology services
  • Rebates vary between health funds. The amounts as well as the items available for claim vary e.g. some funds will only pay rebates for individual services where are others may cover group and individual services
  • Following payment entry into Clubworx a receipt will be automatically generated and emailed to the client.
  • If the member doesn't have an email address you can click on the gear button next to the payment in Clubworx to view the receipt and print it out for them


  • Email all staff initially to inform of dates for time you wish to take off, checking if other staff members are away and for assistance covering shifts
  • Following this, email Taylor and the centre manager with the following information: Name, Clinic location and shifts, Period of absence, Cover arrangements
  • Please note that it is advisable to avoid booking commitments until approval is given

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