Sara Ruffin Costello + Highland House

Customer Is...

Stylish, Frequent pinner, Plugged in, Practical Metroplitan, Upscale, Has some money to spend on interiors, Exacting, Willing to shop around, Overwhelmed by options, Meditating, Fitness obsessed, Working either at home or in the office, Raising kids, Traveling, Organizing

Customer Wants...

It DONE, Value, Quality, Charm, Originality, Elegance, Irreverence, Beauty, Not too decorated, A mix of antiques and modern, high and low, Her personal pieces mixed in, What no one else has

Brand Identity:

Traditional – but not stodgy
Fresh – brightened up antiques
Passed down – respect for the past
Today – a trend leader
Duality – between the past and the present, modern and traditional, done and undone, practical and impractical
Cultural — stealing from Cuba, Morocco, Africa, Vietnam, France, England, and Russia
Not decorator-y - imperfect, disheveled, patina
Chic – couture seamstress in the details
Elevated – elegant and appropriate
High quality - attention to materials and form
Comfortable – at the end of the day this is all there is

SRC Look:

Southern babe, Paley, Jamaica, Breezy, Havana, Old world, Continental, Audrey Hepburn, Classics, Cotton pajamas, Mohair club chairs, TBD

black and white wing chair in the living room in different color ways

white plastic version of my old one but in better sizes and copy the wooden 40’s chairs i have in black

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