Goldfish, Cute but Invasive. By: Avery rasbach

Efforts to Control

There are many different things that are considered or being done to stop the goldfish from overpopulating too much, for example, electric-shocking boats, killing them with chemicals, netting the fish, electrocuting the fish, and even draining the ponds and lakes that goldfish are in. These might not be the best ways to get rid of them though, as they reproduce quickly and can adapt to many conditions.

Impacts to the Environment

There are many impacts that the invasive Goldfish have on our environment. Most of them are negative. First the Goldfish is not native to Canada. Sure, many people have Goldfish as pets in Canada but in the wild, they are not a native species. Also the Goldfish can disrupt the aquatic environment. They do this by draining the other fish's resources and taking up all the space in the pond/lake. Lastly they breed lots. this can overpopulate lakes and pods and take other fish's homes. If you don't believe me goldfish experts and pet store employees say that if you are keeping more than one goldfish, to get a big tank because they reproduce quickly.

Structural & Behavioral Characteristics

Some structural characteristics about the goldfish are; it can have two different body types. Slim or egg shaped, they have no dorsal fins, they have very thin fins, they can come in different colours such as orange, white and orange, black and orange and more. Some behavioral characteristics of the Goldfish are; they will hide behind things if they feel in danger, socialize with other goldfish around them and (if they are domesticated) will eat from their owners hand! (only if they trust them)

How do Goldfish migrate to a new area?

This answer is very, very simple. The reason Goldfish are invading ponds and lakes is; people are dumping them. Irresponsible people dump their unwanted Goldfish into ponds and lakes. And if they think they are dead they will flush them. Sometimes they are not dead, and the pipes lead to lakes where the fish will populate and reproduce.

What ecosystems do the Goldfish invade and where do they really belong?

Goldfish really belong in the small and medium-sized and small waterways of Asia such as lakes, ponds, and rivers. The ecosystems that they invade are Rivers, Ponds and Lakes.

Goldfish Classification

The Goldfish's Kingdom is Animalia. The Goldfish's Phylum is Chordata. The Class of the Goldfish is the Actinopteygii. Also it's order is the Cyprinformes. Its family is Cyprinidae and its Genus is Carassius. Last but not least, the species. The Goldfish's species is C. auratus.


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