Funny signs Joseph

Why do they even need this sign?!?!
The cat isn't trustworthy either........ haha
They care about the animals more than you.
Uh....... Great........ I guess.
Attention dogs
Won't she?
Suicidal cows
Thank goodness you have a pool
Big mistake
Don't P in the pool.
Who cares about the stupid cockroaches!?!?
Clocked you going 12 and five-eighths back there.
Which is it!?!?
I think those are people....
It's called a banana Einstein
So you trap the angry hornet... with a paper?!?!
We will set you on fire.
So you think that you can protect your vehicle with a sticker?!?!
Only sitting on the toilet is allowed....
Try the actual entrance
Why do they need their face not painted?
Persuasive sign.
Not in use... but it distracts people.
We wet our plants
They're chicken strips.
Big warning... the person obviously has anger issues.
Don't feed da birds


Created with images by AMagill - "Danger: Carnivorous Pigeons"

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