Henrietta lacks created by: Dr. Abram

Henrietta Lacks had a total of 5 children, after her fifth child. Dr. Howard Jones diagnosed her with cervical cancer. At the age of 31, she died on October 4, 1951. Henrietta died with a special cell line known as "Hela Cells," which were taken without her consent or her family's consent.
In 1951, if you died inside of a hospital, your tissue no longer belongs to you, they belong to the hospital. Therefore, Henrietta died inside of John Hopkins Hospital and her cells became the hospital's property. The doctors made great use of her cells though. Hela cells provided a polio vaccine, and gave doctors and professors further knowledge about cancer, HIV, HPV, aids, and other viruses today. Hela cells were sold all across labs. Today, scientist are still trying to find vaccines for certain viruses using Hela Cells!
Hela cells were the first human cells to be continuously grown in culture. The cells were first cultured by Doctor George and Margaret Gey at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. They were grown from cervical cancer from a woman named Henrietta Lacks, henceforth Hela cells. Hela cells have been used by all types of scientist everywhere. Scientist use Hela cells to find vaccines to special viruses and cancer. Therefore, Hela cells has done a lot for the science field and still does.

I chose the quote, "Them cells belonged to my mother, Henrietta Lacks!" I chose that quote because it gave the readers recognition for the discovery that was made with her cells. Those cell's have done a lot for history and the future, no one really appreciated the owner of the cells. They even said the owners name was Helen Lane. She deserves full credit for those cells. I also chose that quote because of its's importance to the book. That quote gave Deborah and Skloot the drive to find information about her mother. That quote, held the problem discussed widely through the book. The entire Lack's family wanted Henrietta's name to be appreciated. Well that's it for my project! Thanks for watching!

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