In 1892 Goldfield Ghost Town struck gold. Today people travel to this ghost town to see the town be brought back to life.

The town has a museum showing old tools they used to mine the gold, it also showcases clothing they wore in western time and ect.

They have many things that are for sell including handmade art as the ones shown in the picture above.

The ghost town also puts on a live performance in the middle of town of a shooting gone wrong.

There are many of the original buildings from the old time still up and running in the tow.

At the end of the town there is the original church of the time and a shooting rang behind it.

Around the town there is a train track that is still functional and can pay to go on.

Walking around you will see many people working there in costume.

There are many people that go to the ghost town to do photoshoots.


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