Our purpose & identity Lake Champlain Waldorf School

Who are we?

Why does our community exist?

How do we tell our story?

Our purpose as a school community emanates from deep within us, driving us in a unified direction with conviction and passion. A rich tapestry of values, intentions and gifts make us unique, and carve out a special place in our collective hearts and in the greater community.

If You Simply Describe Us...

We are an independent non-denominational school in Vermont with an intentional, developmentally-appropriate curriculum that integrates the arts, sciences, practical learning and outdoor experiences.

But we ask a deeper question: Why Does Our School Exist?

Our purpose—our deepest motivation and reason for being—is much more expansive:

To cultivate Good People

who are happy & actualized, free thinkers & deeply conscious beings,

committed to meaningfully contributing to our world.

Our Promise is this: We will guide students to meet the world with wisdom, courage and compassion.

How Do we Deliver on This?

These things are unique to our school, and help us live out our purpose.

We Build Capacity & Creative Intelligence.

We cultivate resilience, adaptability and creative problem solving capacities that prepare our children for the unexpected.

Our Teachers are Remarkable.

Caring, committed, skilled and rigorously trained, our teachers partner actively with parents, recognize the gifts and passions of our students, and assist in guiding each child to his/her fullest potential.

Our Approach is Integrative & Experiential.

Our curriculum integrates practical and performing arts with science, math, literature, and social studies to enliven learning and deepen a student’s understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Waldorf Curriculum is Developmentally Intentional.

The curriculum purposefully aligns itself with each unique stage of childhood in order to meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of each child.

Our Students are Socially Prepared.

They are self-aware, confident and mature beyond expectations.

We Hold Each Child.

We approach each child with deep respect and individual attention to their whole-being, creating an environment that nurtures their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual selves, and guiding each child to reach their greatest potential.

We Are a Dedicated Community.

Our parents, faculty, and staff partner around a common love for and investment in our children.

We Seek Oneness with the World.

Our approach is one of empathy, understanding and reverence. We work to create bridges that honor our commonalities and solicit a sense of personal and collective responsibility.

Our Celebrations & Festivals Create Sanctuary.

They are rooted in seasonal and cultural traditions, imbuing deep meaning and appreciation for beauty, wonder and natural rhythms, and providing the security that comes with consistency.

We Embrace Nature as Our Classroom.

Students get outside, get muddy and get real. They encounter and grapple with their own vulnerabilities as they meet challenging tasks and changing seasons with grit and wonder.

The words above describe who we are, why our school community exists, and how we uniquely contribute to the world.

As we tell our school's story with integrated language--our words, actions and visual expression--color and form play a role in communicating with consistency and integrity.

We want to explore color together.

Color is full of symbolism, psychology and representative meaning.

Our school will be represented by a range of colors, which will be used flexibly across various applications.

But we must identify a Primary Color Expression:

that which best represents our essence and on which we will rely as our predominant identity in our visual language.

Each of the three color families below represent aspects of our school. Please spend time with each and choose the one that best represents who we are as a community.


a balance of cool and warm. a surface. ground & sea. forest & lake. serenity. growth. change. evolution. mystery.


grounded. earthy. withdrawn. makers. craft. building. creating. fire. hands. soil. creativity.


solemn. spiritual. lifting. open. creative. calm. peaceful. youth. innocence. wisdom. inspiration. imagination. knowledge.

Thank you for your thoughts and insights.

All feedback is received with gratitude and deeply valued.

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