My Hobbies taking care of my Dogs

My dogs are like my big babies. They are big which gets a little out of hand because i think they don't realize how big they are but i wouldn't trade them for the world


She is my baby I got her August 8,2015. She was a rescue whoever had her had really scared her she hates fire and is very skittish and she is very protective of anyone who is getting hurt or who is hurt. My job was to get her healthy and then she would be sold but I fell in love with her and couldn't let her go.

She is a Standard red nose pit bull. I know a lot of people hear pit bull and get scared but so far everyone who meets her loves her they say 'She really is like a big puppy" she acts like she is a small dog which is so funny for her size


Medusa is my sisters dog and she is the puppy of my sisters old dog Princess. Medusa is 10 months old. She is a shy dog and doesn't like to go anywhere without Amora.

She is also a Pit bull but she is a blue nose pocket bully. She is so friendly all my little cousins love her and she is a chubby little lazy dog she sleeps most of the day

Amora & Princess

We do not have Princess anymore but she was my favorite dog my sister has ever had. She was literally like a big baby. I would watch her all the time even when my sister was home.

My dog loved Princess they were inseparable. They did everything together eat, play, and sleep. They were just so cute together and it was hard on my dog when my sister got rid of her. Now that she has Medusa she is back to being her happy self. 

Amora & Medusa

When Amora met Medusa when she was 3 weeks old and was infatuated with her. She did get scared when medusa tried to suckle on her but Amora is like her mother now and they are beyond inseparable.


Amora is everything anyone would want in a dog. She knows when you are sad and will try and comfort you and she loves to sleep with anyone. She was so easy to train. she is everything to me and I just love her

When the dogs were puppies it was easy to walk them but now i have to plan a day and have my boy friend walk her because i end up having to carry her and she is not light what so ever. I love to walk her when shes worn out cause then she isn't dragging me and i love to see how happy she is exploring

My favorite thing to do is take pictures of her and she is clearly photogenic. 

I love all my dogs but my baby is my favorite and there isn't anything i don't do with her and I'm clearly obsessed with my dog Amora

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