Trevor Hegstad Presents: Genius Hour Project How can sharing my experience of Hungarian culture immersion teach others about embracing other cultures?

A Hungarian building
Hungarian Beauty

Blog post 1

Szia! Hogy Vagy? (Hi! How are you?) This is just a sneak peek at what's in store for my Genius Hour. This Genius Hour I have decided to take on the Hungarian culture. Now six weeks isn't a lot to totally immerse yourself in a foreign culture (especially a culture as unique and diverse like the Hungary's), but I'm putting the effort to make this the best project I can. Being of mixed heritage I believe it's only fare to respect and at the very least just try to understand that heritage. I totally have respect for my Hungarian heritage and think it'll only help me further my passion towards learning about new culture's and with the knowledge I learn from this experience maybe a possible trip in Hungary would be much more enjoyed. Some goals I have from this experience is: to start to learn the Hungarian language, try Hungarian things (things like different costumes, superstitions, saying's, and just things like that), trying some of the food, engaging myself in the history, learning about Hungarian pop-culture and how it differs from our's and how it is similar, and help other people learn some really good ways to embrace another culture. I think the best way to measure myself in how well I did is to just see how fare I've came. Also seeing if any one is either more interested in cultural immersion or at least feels somewhat inspired to do something either cultural or something in the sense of what I'm doing. My goal is a hard one though, it sounds like I'm going to talk about my experience, which I am, but I'm trying to show how you can immerse yourself in another culture (like some of the best ways for me and how it helps).

Blog post 2

Gyakorlat teszi a mestert (Hungarian proverb: Experience is the best teacher). I really like this proverb because I think that this is true for what I'm doing right now. This week was a big music week for me and the Hungarian culture; I listened to a lot of music (including pop music and classical Hungarian (I also have to specify that it is traditional Hungarian music not orchestral)). I learned about some Hungarian instruments and similar they are to modern instrument's and how some are totally foreign to us. Traditional Hungarian music is very relaxing, peaceful, melodic, and tells a story of peace and serenity while giving in to Hungarian history. Hungarian pop music (2016), to me at least, sounds a lot like 2004-2009 pop-like and other american music. When it comes to pop music I don't like a lot of it, however some of the music is ok. I fell excited about what I'm doing. it's very interesting and very cool just to experience different cultures the way I am doing. I'm also excited to be a muse to people and help people gain the tools to learn a new culture. I still have a long way but I'm super excited and really ready Visont! (Bye!)

Blog post 3

The goddess Boldogasszony and her motherly attributes
Hadur (short for Hardar Ura or "Lord of the Armies") the god of fire, warm and blacksmiths.

Ha nem ismered a történelmet, akkor nem tudsz semmit. Ön olyan levél, amely nem ismeri annak részét a fán. (If you don't know history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know its part on a tree.) This was a history week for me! Now for me, history is kinda boring... however, history that isn't American is kinda not as boring. I also know how important history is for everybody. I believe learning history about another culture is so vital and so important to someone who wants to experience another culture. Why you might ask? Well let me tell you: History is a way of understanding a culture and how that culture came to be. For example, If you learn about the past of another culture it can help you understand how they are in a way. It can let you into there beliefs and how they got to where they are. I learned a lot about how Hungary became Hungary. There start as practically nothing into this magnificent country it is today. I learned about Attila the Hun, Nimrod, how Hungary arrives from nowhere near Europe (though it's kinda in the middle of south east Europe), and the language is extremely unique and very old and Hungarian mythology, which was very interesting. I still have a lot to go and only to further my Hungarian immersion and the how to of spreading cultural immersion. I'm still going to learn about the Hungarian history and I'm ready for next week: etiquette, superstitions, region, etc. I can't wait to see how this project turns out and how I'm going to finish this. It's going to be fun to teach people about how to learn another culture and I can't wait to see the outcome.

Blog post 4

Jo napot! Hogyan vannak a dolgok? (Good day! How are thing's?) I have been just perfecting my Hungarian and the earlier things I have done these past few weeks. I have learned more Hungarian (the language) and I have gotten a lot better with it. Of course, I am no where near fluent, however I honestly believe that I could get there one day with the right practice and with more studying. I made a lot of flashcards to help me with my Hungarian. I have learned a little more about Hungarian history and how they came here and there ancestors and stuff like that. I watched two movies in Hungarian; Feher Isten (White God) and Apa (Father) and I did like both of them and they taught me how Hungarian's think about pacific things which was interesting to learn. It also taught me Hungarian (unsaid) etiquette. I listened to more Hungarian music (a lot of Disney music from Disney movies in Hungarian) and honestly some of them I like more then the English version. Next week I will finally try some Hungarian food!!!!! I am super excited for this because I mean it's food and who doesn't love food? I am behind on my sources and my product but I will try (and I will get it done because I can do it) to get it done very soon. I am still very excited to see how everything is going to turn out and I can't wait to see other people get excited too. I am a little scared however that some people aren't going to understand what exactly I am doing but hopefully I can help people with that. Like I said I am very excited to help people learn new cultures and I am excited to share my experiences.

Blog post 5

Minden jó dolog véget ér (All good things come to an end). As the end of the project comes to be, I feel anxious and excited all at the same time. This project has been one of my favorites and I had so much fun doing it. In this last week I have tried food and a little bit of everything else. Hungarian food is very interesting to say the least. Very hardy and uses a lot of spices (some spices us American's wouldn't put together), but nevertheless still pretty enjoyable I would say. I spent more time listening to more Hungarian music (which has a lot of benefits to it (I'll describe that more in detail with my finale product)) and learning more of the language which I am getting better at by the way. Everything is coming into place and I am very excited. I have a few more touches to do (like my product and kinda my portfolio but it'll get done I promise). But I am excited to see everything turn out in place and to see how I am with doing something like this.


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