Technology In Schools Technology is the future for our Kids


What did I do well? I think that I have done everything well from the designing the web page to writing the persuasion text. I think I did well on the topic because it was easy to write a paragraph on school and technology because technology it the thing that I love using every day.

What would I do differently if I had the task to do again? I would start on the project earlier than I did. I would choose a topic that interests me and that I know a lot about, instead of changing my mind like I did from Greyhound Racing to Technology in Schools. I would research more before I started the writing part.

What did I need help with? I needed help with the writing of the persuasion text. It was a lot harder than the picture as it had a requirement of at least 300 words and it was hard to reach that goal. It was also harder to get 5 persuasive techniques in the writing than it was for the picture.

The main thing about the art of persuasion that I have learned from this task is that there are many different ways of persuading a person to believe the point that you are conveying to them.There is also many things influencing us on a daily basis that can affect us in subtle.

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