Criminal Justice Maritza Lira

The Beginning

  • The first law enforcement in the history of the US was founded in Boston, when the European colonist arrived to the "new land".
  • The system was called "watch"
  • Before the whistle was invented the watchmen would use a wooden rattle
  • As more people arrived to the "new land" the watchmen stared getting overwhelmed and didn't want to volunteer anylonger
  • Watchmen were now called wardens


  • 21 years or older
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Some pd require a two-year college
  • No felony/ Criminal Background
  • Pass an Academy (Peace Officer)


  • Specialized for Peace officers
  • Firearm, first-aid/CPR, self-defense, investigation, human relations

Hiring Process

To be hired the applicant has to complete a series of test/exams that narrow down the most qualified.


  • Median Annual wage as of May 2015 was $60,270
  • Projected to grow a 4% from now to 2024
  • Shifts vary based on department
  • Body Equipment



There are many dangers for police officers and with growth in the population it gets worse. Besides the growth in population there's also terrorism and refugees.

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